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How to Configure a Universal Remote to Any Device? – Fast and easy

15 de February de 2022

Technological advances have allowed us to achieve better living conditions, these conditions increase when each piece of equipment that we have in our home offers us more comfort. This is why in our house we can have several devices that are managed with a remote control. If you want fit a universal remote to any equipment you haveyou can follow the steps that we will give you here.

How to configure a universal remote without a code?

In general, remote controls allow us to operate a computer from a distance, without having to move or stop the activities we are doing. These teams usually bring their own control, but for various reasons we can run out of it.

For this reason, there are currently universal controls on the market that help us supplant the original control. The detail with these controls is that need to be configured with the equipment so they can have control over them.

The easiest way to make this adjustment is by locating the code that corresponds to the equipment that we want to link with the universal remote. Sometimes it is difficult for the user to obtain these codes, especially when they have little knowledge in handling the equipment.

However, a simple way to set up a universal remote without the code is by pressing the SET button and simultaneously pressing the zero number button four times from the control. In this way, you will be telling the remote to locate the code that can link it to the television.

You may not be successful on the first try; however, the remote can cycle through other codes. To know that you have reached the correct code, the remote control light will stay on for a long time, at which point you must press for a second and release the lit button.

You must perform this operation as many times as needed until the television turns off. When the TV turns off you’ll know you found the code you needed, now just press the OK button to confirm that you finished the setup.

How to link a universal remote to your device?

Remote controls have been around for a long time; how useful these devices have been has made them last over time. Even many companies have decided to include them in the management of their equipment. Such is the case of Apple TV that can be used with iPhone as a remote control.

use the universal remote

That allows any person to lie comfortably in their bed and change the programming of the television. Now, televisions are not the only devices that can be controlled remotely. Computers can also be controlled by a mobile from a distance to perform actions such as turning off the equipment, turning it on, among others.

The truth is that currently you can control several computers in the comfort of your home and if you lose the original control, you can look for one that is universal to replace the previous one. The only thing you need is to link the controller with the equipment to have everything ready.

to a decoder

The decoders are a piece of equipment that belongs to a satellite television service, which uses a control to perform basic and complex operations. If you have to add a universal remote to this service, then you will need a code for the link, this will depend on the brand of the decoder.

The first thing you should do is press the button of the equipment you want to link, in this case the decoder, on the universal remote. And the LED light should flash once. Then you must press and hold the SET button until the light flashes twice in a row.

set up universal remote

Now you must release it and use the number buttons to enter the code that corresponds to the decoder you use. One of the big problems is having the list of codes. However, you are you can get on the official pages on the internet of the satellite service you use.

If you enter a code and the LED light flashes once, you don’t have the correct code yet, so keep trying others. On the other hand, when it blinks twice it is because you already got what you were looking for. Now you must press the STANDBY + POWER buttons with the remote pointing at the decoder and wait for the equipment to turn off and everything will be ready.

To a Smart TV screen

As in the case of decoders, Smart TVs can also be controlled by a universal remote. You can even use your mobile as a remote control, that way on the same device you can do several things at the same time.

For this you just have to know what you have to do to turn the phone into a remote control. The good thing about phones is that you can control various equipment including TV, fan, Xbox, air conditioners, camera and many more.

use a mobile as a universal remote

To link the universal remote with the Smart TV, you must first look up the list of codes from the manual provided by the remote or online. then you must turn on the Smart TV and press the DEVICE key. With this all the power LED lights come on.

With the key still pressed, you must enter the code according to the brand of equipment. If your device has more than one code, you may have to try multiple codes until you get the correct one and the power key turns off.

Where to find the link code for a universal remote?

For this you must turn on the television and with the universal remote you must press on the DEVICE key and release it, simultaneously you have to press the button that corresponds to the television. Then, you press the DEVICE key again together with POWER and you must release them at the same time.

Then you must press and release the PLAY key and check if the remote manages to turn off the television. If this happens, you must press and release the RESERVE key every two seconds until you get the TV to turn on and finally press STOP to complete this entire automatic process.