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How to Compress a Folder on my Windows PC to Send It by Mail?

24 de January de 2022

The Windows operating system has an internal function which allows you to compress folders or files without using programs or extensions. One of the most frequently used formats to compress files is the well-known ‘ZIP format’. This is used because cell phones are compatible with it and can extract it.

Now, when sending a file by mail it is best to compress it. In this way the file will not be damaged neither when uploading nor when downloading. Next, we will show you how to compress folders with your windows pc, how to see if the folder has been compressed and why sometimes you can’t upload your compressed folders to mail.

What ways can you compress your folders for mailing in Windows?

There are hundreds of plugins for tablets, but people only use the plugins that are best known and most compatible. This time we will explain how to compress a folder using the ZIP compressed format. To do such a job it is necessary to use certain programs.

There are at least three processes that we will show you to compress a folder and send it by mail. In each one of them you will be shown a tool to use to compress the file.


One of the best ways to compress a normal folder to a ZIP file is through an online tool. One of the best tools to compress folder to ZIP is one called ‘Ezyzip’. See how a folder is compressed using that online tool:

  1. turn on your computer
  2. Open the web browser
  3. Go to the official Ezyzip page
  4. At the top select the option ‘Compress’
  5. In the sub-options that the web will give you, mark the one that says ‘Folder’ and skip the advertising
  6. Now, click on ‘Select folder to compress’
  7. Choose the folder on your computer that will be compressed
  8. To finish, choose the ‘Compress folder’ option, wait for the web to compress your folder and then download the ZIP extension file

The speed at which the folder is compressed will depend in part the number of files it contains and the weight of each of those files. Whenever you want to compress a folder using this tool, you will have to repeat the process explained above and nothing else.

Using WinRAR

WinRAR is a completely free program which allows you to compress files and folders into various classes of compression. This program can be downloaded directly from its developer’s page and once it is downloaded, you can proceed to execute the following process:

  1. Turn on or restart your computer
  2. Find the folder you are going to compress

winrar logo

  1. Left click on that folder
  2. Click the ‘Add to Archive’ option
  3. In the file format select ‘ZIP’
  4. Name the file if you wish
  5. To finish, press the ‘OK’ button and the folder will start to compress

It is worth noting that, with WinRAR, there is a way to split archives into several parts using a computer that has Windows 10 operating system.

With the ZIP compression program

WinZip is another program that is used to compress folders and files safely and even without using a lot of internet data. Before explaining the process, you must download the WinZip on your computer. Once you have it, follow the next instructions:

  1. Open the file explorer
  2. Locate the folder to compress
  3. Left click on that folder
  4. Select the option ‘Compress with WinZip’
  5. In the window that will appear, choose the type of tablet
  6. To finish, press the option ‘OK’, ‘Compress’ or else ‘Add’

How to know if your folders were compressed effectively?

To know if your folders have been compressed correctly, all you need to do is find the file that was compressed and open it. When you open it, you will be shown a preview of each of the things that the compressed file contains.

man watching something on his pc

All you have to do is open that file that has been compressed, see if the name of the folder is inside and already. If the name of the folder is inside the ZIP, that means that it has been compressed effectively.

Why can’t you upload your already zipped folders to your email?

When you have the folder well compressed in a ZIP, what is missing is that you open the web browser, access your email and upload the file. Now, what happens if when you try to upload the file your mail does not let you? Well, in that case what you have to do is see if you have enough space storage.

The second is to make sure have a good internet connection and the third aspect is to check if the file is too big for the mail to admit it. These are the most common reasons why zipped folders sometimes cannot be uploaded to emails.