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How to Close and Control My Background AApps on iPhone, iPad and Mac

29 de December de 2021

Applications are very useful computer programs that make things much easier for us. In the field of social networks, these allow us to be in constant communication with our friends, even if they are in another part of the world. There is a wide variety of applications that not only take care of the surface part of a cell phone, but also have other essential applications that work for our mobile to work properly.

The problem is that many of them are activated in the background thus interfering with the proper functioning of our cell phone, for example, data collection can fill the internal storage of the device, slow it down and, to complete, make your mobile it downloads very fast, therefore, if you do not want this to happen to you, the best thing is close and control background apps on your iPhone, iPad and Mac device. If you don’t know how to do it, keep reading this tutorial.

What steps should you follow to toggle your iOS background apps?

Now that applications have become part of our lives it is almost impossible to live without them, and now that the most recent versions of iPhone, iPad and Mac have enough internal storage capacity, all the more reason we continue to download the apps we need. However, you should know that overloading a device with many applications can slow you down and drain your battery.

Apart from that, remember that every smartphone comes with its own integrated applications that fulfill specific functions in order to make our mobile work correctly. But, as we already mentioned, some of them operate in the background, so in this segment we will teach you how to control background applications on iOS.

To do this, the first thing you should do is turn on your device and go to its settingsIn this case, we go to Settings, then, within that section, click on Cellular. This is where you should look for the applications you want to disable to prevent them from consuming data. Finally, slide your finger to the left side to turn it off (Off).

How can you disable background apps on your iPhone or iPad?

Some people prefer to close the applications that remain open, but doing this is not recommended, especially if they are apps that we use frequently, since they can quickly consume the battery of the device. For example, opening and closing an application requires more effort for the RAM memory as well as for the processor, although we see it as simple as performing a few simple steps for this.

But, if you do not want to force your mobile so much, it is best to put the applications that we use frequently, such as social networks, banking apps, etc. on hold. So, below, pay attention to the steps you need to take to close and check apps in the background.

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Access the settings

You can put an application in the background by accessing the settings of your smart device, in this way, the app will end its operation and will not consume RAM or battery.

Disable the information update of your apps in order to close them, in this way you will better enjoy a lighter operation of your iPhone or iPad and avoid greater energy consumption. With that said, first open Settings and then General. After which, you must select ‘Update in background’, and then deactivate that function by pressing a button that you can find on the upper right side of the screen. To know other details about this function, go to Apple technical support.

Use the settings of your apps

On the other hand, disable background apps from settings. It is important that, if you have not used some of your applications for a long time, or you realize that they are not really that necessary, the best thing to avoid consuming a lot of battery and memory of your device is to uninstall them.

However, if you don’t want to delete them, then you can stop them while you’re not using them. And, the way to do it is in Settings, then, go to the Applications section and from there select the app you want to deactivate. Click on the app and when you open it you will see the Force stop option, when you click on that button the application will automatically stop.

mac computer and other devices

How to control background applications on your Mac?

From the Apple company, we also have Mac computers, which have a MacOS operating system. Therefore, if you have a MacOS PC, you can close applications that stop working correctly to put them in the background or uninstall them to restart.

Therefore, to force an application to exit, go to the app menu on your Mac and press Exit, you can also use the + Q command to do it directly. In case the application does not respond, use the shortcut with the combination of the following three keys: Option + Command + Esc, or click Force Quit in your computer menu.

As you can see, putting some applications in the background is an excellent option to keep your device in good shape, so to speak, in fact, even Android phones have energy saving function, which is responsible for lowering the brightness of your screen, optimizing its performance, and more importantly, putting in the background those applications that consume data or are activated without even knowing it.

Now that you know how to do it on your iPhone, iPad and Mac you can better enjoy using your applications.