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How to Clear or Clear Flash Player Cache Storage? (Example)

28 de June de 2021

The Flash Player plug-in is found in all browsers, being very well known today in the computer age. However, although it is so well known, most people are ignorant of many things about it, such as the clear or clear the Flash Player cache.

There is nothing more important than keeping your computer clean, as this is most people’s daily assistant. It doesn’t matter if it is deleting cookies or data stored in the browser that you work with Flash Player, you always have to have it in optimal conditions.

What is Adobe Flash Player?

Basically it is classified as a computer application, which is included in the category of multimedia player. It was created by the company called Macromedia, but is currently distributed by Adobe Systems.

This program is used to reproduce or insert SWF-type elements in a web browser (Flash would be like the virtual machine).

The files in the SWF format are created with tools like Animate CC and Flex (which are special for it). This application also allows Play two-dimensional vector animations. It is so good that it is currently the favorite option to use when designing some content with audio and multimedia on a web.

Its favoritism is not by chance, but the Flash consumes much less bandwidth, so the loading times of the files that are played on it, they are much faster and they do not lock like in other programs. Thanks to that, this is the quintessential low-quality game player (like the ones you can find on indie websites). Since it allows its development and subsequent launch much easier.

Lastly, you have to know that Flash is available for the current versions of all web browsers except Chrome, because the latter has his own version of what would come to be him.

How to clear or clear Flash Player cache storage?

The first thing you have to do to achieve this is to go from the browser you use to the link in the Privacy Settings panel of the Flash Player website or guide you from the page: Macromedia; Security configuration panel of the website, once you are inside it.

In it, click on the button that is named “Delete all sites”(It’s in the right-hand corner of the aforementioned window). When you do, a dialog box will appear where you must click “Confirm”.

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With this action you will have all the data deleted, so then go to “Website storage settings”, and just after that press the button that will appear called “Delete all sites”. To finish again, click on “Confirm”, that will make all the cache data disappear.

As a final step, restart your browser so that Flash Player can finish cleaning. And voila, you will not have to do anything else, so you can now say that the question How to clear or clear Flash Player cache storage?, has been answered.

The only thing you have to do is go to your browser (if you are not in it yet) and start the process described, if you do everything to the letter, you should not have any problem clearing the cache. Note that by clearing the cache and fixing the problem, you will be able to activate Flash Player to watch HBO or take any other action.

Finally we would like to know if this tutorial has been useful to you or if you know any other method, leave us your comments.