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How to Clear Firefox Quantum Cache and Cookies – Free Your Memory

21 de January de 2022

Cookies and cache are responsible for remember with the help of some algorithms, access to pages and data, It is also responsible for downloading images, so that when you return to the page, these images are already downloaded there, this will help you to have less data consumption and improve the browsing experience.

On the other hand, these elements will create files on your computer, storing information, in addition personal information will be stored where the browser will know your habits and way of browsing. As we have already mentioned, cookies and cache memory will occupy storage on your hard drive, so the storage capacity of your drive will be less.

You must perform a few but precise steps to be able to gain control of these two elements. The first thing you should do is open the Firefox Quantum web browser, being there, you must locate the three lines horizontally that will be positioned in the upper right corner of your screen, when locating these three lines, click on them.

Once you have clicked on these stripes, a list of options will appear, among them will be the “options” or “settings” option, you must click there, it will immediately take you to another tab where the general settings of the web browser will appear. A list of options will appear on the side of your screen, there will be the “privacy and security” option You must click on this option.

Being there, you will see all the security and privacy options of the web browser, in this section of the general settings there will be many options. You must scroll down and locate the option that says “cookies and style data” the style data is the cache memory, once you have identified this option there will be the cookie data and browser cache data.

What is the procedure to clear the cache of Firefox Quantum?

This procedure is severely simple, you only have to carry out a few procedures, it should be noted that in order to do this you must have good internet access, data, mobile or Wi-Fi, otherwise you will not be able to completely remove this data from your browser. Remember that by deleting this data, you will be able to maximize the storage capacity of your hard drive, no matter what type of device it is a PC or a mobile device.

If you have the Windows PC or Mac browser

Now, to delete this browser data on your PC, the first thing you should do is open the Firefox Quantum web browser, it should be noted that the procedure will be similar on any type of PCregardless of whether you have a Windows or Mac operating system. Once you have the browser open, you must click on the three horizontal bars that will be located in the upper right corner of your screen.

When you click on these three stripes, a list of options will appear, in said list of options you must look for the option of settings or options, when you click there a new window will immediately open. There you will see the general options of your web browser, on the left side you will see a list of options, among those options you will see the “privacy and security” option, you must click on that option.

windows pc

When you enter there, all the privacy and security options of your browser will appear, you must scroll down and look for the option of “cookies and style data” When you are in that section, three options will appear, the first one will say “clean data” you must click there.

When you click on clean data, a window will appear where the two options you want to clean will appear, cookies and cached web data content, to eliminate the two options you must ensure that the boxes next to the two options are selected. Once this is verified, you must click on “clean up” and this is it, you will have already deleted that data from your browser freeing up space in your digital store.

To clean the browser from your Android or iOS mobile

To clean the browser from your device with the iOS operating system, the first thing you should do is open the search engine. Then at the bottom of your screen three bars will appear horizontally, by pressing there a list of options will appear, press “settings” being there press “settings” and look for the privacy section, then press on “data manager” being there you must activate the switch and then press the option to clean private data.

Now if you have devices with an Android operating system, you must open the search engine, then press the three horizontal bars and select settings, being there, look for the “privacy and security” option in the side area. Been there, you must look for the cookies and style data section, there you will see the option to “clear data” press on it and a window will appear, select the options from cookies and cache, after this click on clean and that’s it, you deleted all the data.

do it from your mobile phone

How can you activate the automatic cleaning of your cache in Firefox?

To do this, the first thing you should do is locate yourself in the history section of your Firefox browser, this section will be in the settings in the privacy and security section. There you must scroll down a little and you will find the “history” section, there you will see a selection bar, you must select the option “use a custom configuration for the history”.

When selecting this option, a box will appear at the bottom called “clear history when Firefox closes” try that this box is selected, there you will see a configuration option where you can select what you want to be cleaned when you close the browser, choose the “cookies and cache” option.