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How to Clear Cache Memory on Kodi Easily? (Example)

21 de July de 2021

Clearing the cache in Kodi is a procedure that, sooner or later, you will have to perform, because when using this popular streaming service data and information are accumulating that reduce the space available on your computer. First of all, before continuing, you need to know what this streaming platform is for and how it works.

It is not only about eliminating information that is no longer useful, but it also helps to avoid problems related to lack of space. Which can result in a common “insufficient cache” error.

How can I clear the cache on Kodi?

If you’ve been looking for one default option on Kodi Through which you can delete the accumulated cache directly, surely you have already realized that it does not exist.

However, to clear the cache on Kodi effectively, you will have to use an external add-on specialized in it, but undoubtedly you will get and handle very easily.

Steps to acquire the add-on

The first step to obtain it is to place yourself in the Kodi main screen or the “Home” and enter the “Settings” of it, this can be done through the gear icon located in the side menu and at the top.

When the settings box opens, you must proceed by selecting an item called “File Manager” which is represented by a folder and is generally the first choice.

When the screen is renewed you will have different favorable initiatives in the left fragment, of those, you will have to touch on “Add SourceWhich, as a result, will expose another direction.

In this location a line that says “” will be kept, in which you will need to type the following URL and press the “Ok” key on the right wing and then a similar pointer at the bottom.

After this, go back to Kodi’s “Home” and choose the “Add-ons” tab on the left side panel to open the “Add-ons” section, where you can press a button with an open box at the top.

Next, it gives on “Install from zip file”And, in the new list of options, choose“ Fusion ”, which is the directory that you created before. Proceed by entering the folder called “Begin-here” and opt for the addition “Indigo” to install.

Clear the cache

After following the previous procedure and having the indicated complement, you can continue with the task of clear cache on Kodi using the functions of the installed item.

To do this, you have to go back to the “Home” and go to the “Add-ons” section, where, from now on, you will be able to view a folder related to the “Indigo” add-on.

You must click on that element to access the options it offers you, that is, when entering you will have to choose the mode “Maintenance Tool”, In which you will use the first unit.

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So, start by selecting the first “Clear cache” and confirm the action of clearing the cache in Kodi completely, thus, the system will take care of notifying you when the cleaning is complete. Once you finish cleaning the cache, you will be ready to watch DTT channels on your PC with Kodi.

Other features that free up space

In the same window of “Maintenance Tool”, under the function to clear the cache, you will find two more options that help you free up space. They occupy the second and third position on the list.

The second option is called “Delete thumbnails” and, if you want to have more space, it is the next one that you must apply. With this you will be deleting images that are stored in thumbnails, that also take up space.

Finally, you will repeat the operation with a function called “Delete packages” which, in this case, is in charge of getting rid of the information packages that the service downloads and that accumulate.

By taking advantage of these 3 contiguous elements you will be clearing the cache completely and you can return to using your Kodi without problems related to this and without compromising the space of your device. The most amazing thing about this streaming service is that you can install it on your Smart TV regardless of its brand.