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How to Choose Who Sees My Posts on Facebook? – Privacy & Security

27 de January de 2022

In the new technological era, the vast majority of interaction, It is done through social networks, this is something that sounds very cool, fun and entertaining, users share information, photos, videos and endless private information, which anyone can have access to said information.

However, in some cases, this can have negative consequences for users who share highly personal information on certain social platforms. Facebook is the most popular social network that exists, It has an uncountable number of users, so it is easy to understand that not all users of this platform have the best intentions.

What are the privacy options that Facebook has for its users?

On the other hand, Facebook has certain privacy options, with which you can choose which users have access to your information on the social network. This platform offers you the possibility of sharing certain personal information, information such as where you live, where you study or where you work, who your partner is, what city you are from, among other information.

This information is quite sensitive in a way, so it is good that users are careful to which people can be allowed to appreciate such private information.


The platform classifies the people who can see your information in this way. In the event that you have the information, photos, videos or images that you share, in the public option, it means that any user who has an account on the Facebook platform, will be able to appreciate all your personal information. Without any type of restriction.

Can you have this option chosen? Of course, yes, but the most advisable thing is that the information you share on the platform is not of great impact or that this information may threaten your security.


Now, in the case of this option, only you and no one else can have access to the information, whether it is some of your personal information or any image or video that you have uploaded or shared on the platform. This option will appear in the privacy options of the platform like “just me” and it will have a small lock logo, which will mean that the information is restricted.

Just friends

This is the most used option by Facebook users. With this option, you only give the possibility to users who added to your friends list on Facebook to have access to your information or the publications you make. However, for this option to work fully, you must have a certain filter with those people you have added as friends on the platform.

Since, if you have unknown people added as friends to the platform, it will not do any good to have this option. In any case, the best thing you can do is be careful with the information, photos or videos that you share on the platform.


On the other hand, Facebook also gives you the ability to customize or choose the people who may or may not have access to your information. In this case, this option goes hand in hand with the “friends” optionThe difference is that in the custom option, you can disable the friends you don’t want to see your information on the platform, thus being able to classify your friends on Facebook.

customize who can see your posts on facebook

How can you change the privacy settings on all your posts?

This social platform offers you the possibility of configuring the public to which your publications will reach, in this way you will be able to have complete control of your publications. For this procedure from the Facebook app for mobile phones. The first thing you should do is locate yourself in the Facebook application.

While there, click on the option that will appear in the upper right corner of the screen, which will be three lines horizontally. Upon entering that option, look for the “settings” section and enter it. Scroll down until you find the option “public and visibility”.

Being in that tab, look for the “publications” option, there you will see an option called “who can see your future posts” enter this option and select the configuration of your preference.

What do you need to do to change who will see a single post on Facebook?

Similarly, Facebook gives you the ability to only change the settings of a single post, this at the time you are posting the photo or video. Very well, when you have already chosen the photo that you are going to publish, at the top of the post, an arrow will appear and the type of public to which the publication will reach.

In general, this option will be in the type of public that you have chosen in your last publication. Be public, just friends, just me or personalized. Choose the most convenient audience, keeping in mind that if you choose the “public” option, the publication can be seen and shared by any user on the platform, regardless of whether they are on your friends list or not.

set who will see a single post on facebook

What is the procedure to change the privacy of only your photos and videos on Facebook?

On the other hand, if you have images and videos that you have already published on the platform, but you want to change the settings of the users who can see said information, the first thing you should do is go to the “settings” section of your Facebook profile. .

When you are there, slide to the “public and visibility” tab or section, there you will see all the information and publication options that other users can see. Enter the “publications” option and once you are in that option, go to the “limit who can see your previous publications” section.

It should be noted that when limiting the previous publications that you have on your Facebook profile, change post settings, the photos or videos that are in public, will immediately change to the “only friends” option, limiting the people that you do not have added.