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How to Check the Hours Played Within PS5? – Manage Time

7 de March de 2022

The PlayStation 5 console, like others that are of the latest generation, has within its system the possibility of seeing how many hours you have played in total, this is for you to determine how much time you dedicate to games and how to better manage yourself in entertainment with it . We can also see the history of purchases made and other functions that are very innovative and that provide a lot of information that we did not have access to before.

To be aware of this timeline, you should know that it does not appear in the main menu and it is not located in a way that you can easily see it, but you can access this information easily. In this article we will explore the way to check these hours and also see what other options come with this utility; which serves to be able to better manage the time dedicated to video games.

How can I check the hours played on the Playstation 5 console?

If you are a PlayStation player and you have a favorite game, you may notice on your own that you spend a lot of time on it, but for sure you are not sure of the actual time you spend in the game. The PlayStation console has a tracker, which is activated when you enter a game and keep it active; all this time is counting or accumulating, it is not visible when you open the game, to know it you must enter a different window.

This utility brings with it other options that can be very useful when making these checks, we can know how many hours we have played ourselves, as you can find out how many hours played a friend has. For all this there are methods that we will see below; for this it is not necessary to update the PlayStation 5, since this is something that is included natively in the console at the time of purchase.

To check my hours played

To start and check the hours of play you have invested you must follow a series of steps that are simple to perform, remember that having control of your games is important so as not to overdo it too much, let’s see.

Check your friends' accumulated gaming hours

  1. Enter your profile at the top right of your PS5
  2. The next thing is to enter Games
  3. Then in Friends > Overview
  4. Find in the list the game you want to see the hours
  5. The number of hours played will appear under the name of the game.

What to do if I want to see the hours played by a friend?

As for seeing how long your friend has played, it is simple and somewhat similar to the previous method, to do this verification you must follow the following route. Firstly, start your PlayStation 5 and go to Profile > Friends > You choose your friend> Go to your friend’s house> Game list; here you will see the games and all the information regarding the time you have played.

In the same way it will appear in the part below the name of the game, how much time has elapsed and the time of the last connection. This option is useful because when you make a backup on the PlayStation and open your account on the site, this data of hours played is also saved.

How are game hours limited on PS5?

As far as limiting game hours is possible, you can have different reasons for this, but the most common might be limit the hours of play to a child and not let him play all day. Here we will get various options; How to set a specific time when you can not play, determine the days when playing is allowed and one in which when a certain time is played, it will give notice and close the game.

To make this configuration we have two options from the PlayStation Website, opening our user as administrator and of course from the same console, let’s see how the latter works.

  1. Sign in to the PS5 as an Administrator.
  2. Then you go to Settings.
  3. Enter the Family and parental control section.
  4. Family Management.
  5. Sign in to your child’s account.
  6. Set the time zone in “game time settings”
  7. After determining the game limitations, click on Save

know the percentage of game completed on ps5

What other information appears when viewing hours played on PlayStation 5?

In terms of information, this part of the time you spend playing a video game, you can get other information that could be very helpful, it is not only the time that appears, you can find the percentage of game completed, in case you are one of the people who like to finish a game 100%; In this way you will know how your progress is going and how much you need to complete it.

How to hide from my friends the hours played within PS5?

If you don’t want your friends to spy on your gaming hours, you can also do something about it, to achieve this it’s very easy, you just have to do the following. For this you must enter the privacy menu on your PS5 and then enter the option “hide games from other players”in this you will find the list of games you have and you only have to activate the switches to prevent others from seeing it.