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How to Chat with People on Facebook without Installing Messenger? – Save space

9 de November de 2021

The Facebook platform is preferred by millions of users that around the world use this application to share content on their profile with their contacts. In addition, it allows you to interact with family, friends and new acquaintances, being the Messenger service the means to establish these contacts between friends.

However, in this article We will teach you to chat on Facebook without requiring the Messenger application. Therefore, if you are a fan of this social network and you live attached to the messaging service, we recommend that you do not detach yourself from reading this article, so that you know these tips and save space on your device.

What alternatives to use to talk to your friends on Facebook if I don’t have Messenger installed?

The Facebook Messenger service is widely used, however, it has to be downloaded because this works independently of the Facebook application itself. Therefore, if you want to continue sending messages, calls and video calls with your group of friends, with the Facebook social network you can do so without having to install the Messenger service. Pay attention to the alternatives that there are so that you stay in touch.

Text messages

To carry out this action you just have to enter the Facebook application and click on the message folder and in the message box you will have to write the letters FB and send this text to the number 15666. In a few seconds, you will receive an activation code on your device. Then, you go to your account profile, click on Settings or configuration and once the window shows you, find the dialog box where you must enter the confirmation code received.

It will ask you for a Facebook password to verify. Then the message service will be active with the Facebook application. To chat with your friends, you enter messages and in the text dialog you write the message and the name of the contact to whom the message will be sent, and send it to the number 15666. This message will be received by your sender.

Google as an alternative

This favorite and widely used Google browser will help you send messages on Facebook without installing another application on your device. You just have to enter your Facebook account from this browser and enter the private messages area. Now, choose the contact with whom you want to interact and voila, you should not worry because you will not receive the alert to download the Messenger application.

Facebook Lite

This Facebook Lite app is lighter, so it takes up less space and has the Chat icon in the toolbar or functions, which allows you to chat with your contacts through messages without having to download the Messenger App. By clicking on this icon you enter any chat or open a new one and start interacting.

But you should know that to have Facebook Lite it is advisable to deactivate the Facebook app that you normally use, so that you can install Facebook Lite. This way you will benefit from all the functions that has, for example, the chat. You can download this application from the Play Store.

How to send photos on Facebook if you don’t have Messenger?

Even if you do not have the Messenger service, you can send a message with an image file or any photo from Facebook. The trick is to open your Facebook account on your mobile, but accessing the computer version, click on the three dots and choose the Messages option. By entering the private messages you can attach the photo you want and send it to your contact. You can also do it directly from the PC.

send text and image on facebook with a mobile

How to make calls with a person on Facebook if you don’t use Messenger?

If you don’t have the Messenger app, you can make calls and video calls directly from the Facebook application. You just have to enter your account profile, enter the contact’s profile and click on the three dots icon, another section will open and you will be able to view the call and video call options. This is the novelty that has returned to the Facebook application, which allows you to distance yourself a bit from the Messenger service so as not to depend on it to continue interacting with your contacts.