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How to Chat During Your Zoom Meetings? – Learn to Activate and Use

23 de November de 2021

People are always looking for a way to continue socializing. The solution to this problem was the video calling platform group ‘Zoom’. At first Zoom was used much more than other video conferencing platforms and that is why it is better known than Microsoft Teams and Google Meet.

This time we will talk about chatting on Zoom while connected to a video call. In short, we will show how the chat function is activated within Zoom, what is the procedure to activate this chat and how to send messages privately. In addition, we will also show how messages sent from Zoom chat are deleted.

What are the steps to activate Zoom chat in a meeting from the mobile application?

Activating the ‘Chats’ section within a Zoom meeting is actually very easy if you are the one who created the meeting. This section can be easily viewed on the Zoom app main screen. Now, pay attention to what you must do to activate it from the mobile app:

  1. Enter the Zoom application
  2. Go to the ‘Settings’
  3. Inside ‘Settings’ raise the switch of the box ‘Chats’
  4. Then have a meeting
  5. Wait for people to connect to that meeting
  6. Right when the meeting is active, look for a mailbox icon
  7. When you find it, press it
  8. Then wait a few seconds for the option to activate
  9. Finally, send a message from there so that others can know that you have activated this function

With the app for Android compatible mobile phones and iOS this is the process that must be carried out. From the web the procedure is a little more different:

  1. Turn on the computer
  2. Go to the Zoom website
  3. Log in
  4. Being inside your account you will go to the ‘Settings’ section
  5. Then, click on the ‘Meeting’ section
  6. Inside the ‘Meeting’ section proceed to raise the switch that says ‘Chat’

Once you flip that switch, the chats feature during the conference will remain active. To check that this function has been activated successfully, you can start a test meeting with one person and try to send a message. It should be noted that with Zoom there is a way to share your audio during video calls.

What do you need to do to enable chat in a Zoom meeting without being a host?

When you are not the person who started the meeting, there is a possibility that you can still activate the ‘Chats’ function. However, you can attempt use the next procedure to see if you can activate this feature even though you are not the one who hosted the meeting.

  1. Open the Zoom app
  2. Login to your account
  3. Press the icon with your profile picture
  4. In the options that will be displayed, choose the one that says ‘Configuration’
  5. Within configuration choose the section ‘Meetings’
  6. In ‘Basic meetings’, locate the option ‘Chats’, raise the switch of that option and the chats will be activated

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Yeah I know you have activated the message function During meetings, you shouldn’t do much to send a message to just anyone. This is what you should do:

  1. Enter the Zoom application
  2. Connect to the meeting
  3. Inside the meeting, click on the icon that shows the controls for that meeting
  4. Then, click on where it says ‘Chats’
  5. After clicking on ‘Chats’ a small new window will open. There you will write your message and you will even indicate who it is addressed to

This is the way it is send messages during a Zoom meeting. The process for sending Zoom messages while a meeting is not connected is a little different. In case you did not know, in Zoom there is a way to change the access password of the meetings, in this way the privacy between the participants is ensured.

How do I delete a message sent in a meeting chat in Zoom?

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Deleting a message sent within the chat room of the meeting in which you are connected is simple. The thing is if you have the permission within the chat to be able to delete that message. However, this is what to do when you have permissions to delete within the Zoom chat:

  1. Open the app
  2. Go to the ‘Chats’ section
  3. Find the chat where the message is that when you want to delete it and enter it
  4. Locate the message that you will delete
  5. Hold it down and press the icon that is shaped like a trash can
  6. Confirm that you want to delete that message

Where are the messages for a Zoom video call saved?

The messages that are sent during a Zoom video call They are stored in the internal memory of the cell phone. To be exact, this data is stored in the ‘Documents’ folder, within a folder called ‘Zoom’ and within another folder which will have the name of the video meeting.

To see this type of data in the Zoom application, you just have to download the conversation and look for it in the ‘Chats’ section.

How is chat conversation downloaded from a Zoom video call?

Before we said that in order to see these types of conversations it was important that you download them. Whenever you want download meeting chat you should:

  1. Press the chat icon
  2. Enter the conference chat
  3. Press the three dots icon
  4. Select the option ‘Save chat’