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How to Change the Password of your Zoom Meeting? – The quickest way

6 de November de 2021

As time passes, work needs change, so it is essential to adapt to changes. Precisely, Zoom has come to meet the need for people to meet from different parts. If you are responsible for scheduling meetings by this means and do you want to change your password, here we will analyze the subject in depth.

What do you need to know before changing the password of a room on this platform?

Many people belonging to companies or entrepreneurs they need a virtual meeting room. This room allows them to congregate several users with whom they have businesses or with whom they wish to offer their products without the need for them to be in the same geographical area. This makes platforms like Zoom so attractive, since in them the interested party can determine how much control they will have over their participants.

Such control is advantageous for the administrator, because with it he can guarantee the professionalism that you intend to demonstrate at your seminar. In addition, it provides you with a wide variety of options that you can adjust according to your taste, such as placing a photo on your profile that promotes your interests.

Another advantage is that the administrator and his guests they can be connected from a computer to a mobile, depending on the requirements of the moment. But something that is very important to know is that the password that you are going to use in your meeting will determine how vulnerable or secure the invitation will be.

Know the current password of the room

If you are the administrator, it is good that you know each option that the Zoom platform has and what you can modify. But the password will always be one of the most important, as it will allow you give input to your users and reject outsiders, which would not contribute something positive to your call.

Therefore, if you have a scheduled meeting, but you consider that the password is vulnerable, or it is better to change it, you must bear in mind that for the platform to give you access to that, you must have the current password. Therefore, it is recommended that you always write down your passwords in a safe place.

Minimum password requirements

If you are a user of a banking platform or any other platform with considerable security, then Zoom’s requirements will not seem strange to you. Since, they prefer that your passwords be a combination of letters (between lowercase and uppercase), numbers and if possible, characters.

meeting by zoom

In addition, the platform requires two specific things in the keys: first, that it does not contain the same characters in a row and that it does not have less than 8 digits. If your password does not meet the requirements, the platform will automatically reject them.

How do you change the password for a Zoom room?

Lately, the platform made a series of updates adding different types of meetings, to which you can assign a particular key to each one. Not counting the other functions that it already had and that made this platform a complete and attractive tool for all its users.

The changes that the platform made or those that you make in your rooms will not have a drastic effect on the use of the participants or the host, the only thing that will do is protect the access that outsiders have to your activity. This will not only give you security but also those who accompany you.

From the program or website

If you are from your computer, To make changes to your password you can carry out the following steps: first enter the application and from your profile locate Project or Meeting Programs.

There you can adjust various aspects, but in this case locate the password and modify it according to the requirements that we already explained to you. After this you just have to confirm the action and you can immediately start your meeting.

In the Zoom App for iOS or Android

If you are from a mobile and you want to make more secure settings for your password, you must enter the application and go to the configuration. On the screen you can see just as if you were on a computer several options that can be modified, such as the time, date, ID, video usage and the one that interests us the most, the password. You can modify it and save all the changes that you consider pertinent.