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How to change the orientation of pages to landscape in LibreOffice Writer

28 de April de 2021

LibreOffice allows you to use page styles so that you can orient them any way you want. But it is not the only thing it does, it also allows you modify the header or footer or margins or also, eliminate line and paragraph breaks. You can change the style of your documents and apply them in the way you like best.

In order to change the page orientation in libreOffice Writer, you must adjust the style of it. Normally a text document has a default style for all pages equally. So if you get a document with a different orientation, it is likely that page styles have been applied to it.

Something that is important to always remember is that the changes you make to the page style will only be visible on the ones you apply it. In this article we will show you step by step what you should do to adjust the style your pages.

How to change the orientation of all the pages or only of some?

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If you have configured your text document with the same style for all pages, you just have to change the properties of it directly.

Doing so is very simple, you just have to select the Format-Page section and then click on the Page option. In the Paper format section, you must select the type of orientation you want your text document to have, Landscape or Portrait. Finally, you must click OK and that’s it.

Now if what you want is to change the page style only to some specific ones then follow the steps that we will give you below.

The page styles do not have a specific one, you can modify them the way you want. To specifically change the orientation of pages that share the same style, follow these simple steps:

The first thing you should do is choose the Format section and then Styles and Format. Then you must click on the Page Styles section.

The next thing is to right-click on a page style and choose New. By doing so, all the characteristics of this new style that you have selected will be obtained.

Now in the Organizer option you must add a name to the page style in the Name box. Then where it says Next style, you must select the page style that you like the most and that you want to apply.

Now you just have to follow the same procedure as the previous one, go to Page and then select Paper format. Remember that this is where you will choose if your page style will be Horizontal or vertical and all that remains is to click OK.

And that’s it, you will have already adjusted the page style of your preference and with the name you have chosen. To apply this newly created style, you must click on the page style that you named in the Styles and formats section.

You will notice that the pages were adjusted according to your parameters. If you selected the following style to be different, then only the first current scope page will reflect the changes.

What are the styles of LibreOffice?

There are multiple styles in LibreOffice that you may have that will produce great changes in your documents and are classified in different ways, they can range from putting a watermark to changing the orientation of the pages as we are talking about in this article. You can apply your single page or self-defined page ranges styles manually using the following settings.

Single page styles will only cover the main page of the document and is set as another style in the section called “Next style”. This style will only be applied on the first page and if you want to write on another page you will only continue with text.

The page range styles are not configured in the same way, but must be configure in the “page break with style” section. Having this configuration will allow you not only to have a style for each page.

Use these settings to enrich the visual value of your works and give them a better finish. If for any reason it is difficult for you to configure these options, you can always count on others processors of text. For example, you can install Microsoft Office, which has a wide range of text and image programs to suit your needs.