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How to Change the Name in Zoom Before Joining a Meeting From the Cell Phone? (Example)

21 de May de 2021

In recent years, technological advances have been so exponential that now you can hold meetings and conferences remotely from your cell phone. Best of all, simple things like renaming in Zoom can be done in a matter of seconds, making the experience more bearable.

Zoom is one of the leading videoconferencing platforms on the market today; And it is that although it is true that in a digital world, things as basic as going to a work meeting or watching classes have become totally advanced and can now be done remotely.

Do you know why Zoom has become so popular in the last year?

The Zoom app has become one of the most downloaded applications in recent months, And it is no secret that the health crisis that has been going on since the beginning of 2020 has completely revolutionized actions as simple as attending classes, applying for a job offer and even talking with friends.

Many users have had doubts as to which platforms for video conferencing are better. And in the eternal debate doubts have arisen about whether Google Meet is better than Zoom; and the truth is that despite having minimal differentiations, Zoom has positioned itself as the fastest and with the most intuitive interface, so it is so acclaimed by many.

Now, it should be mentioned that Zoom is the center of virtual meetings where thousands of users converge to access private rooms to which they can be added through codes.

Despite being known as an application for virtual work meetings, its use has spread to educational establishments, social gatherings between friends and even as a streaming medium. The best thing about this application is that despite being quite advanced, Changing your name in Zoom is just as easy as creating an account in your application.

Find out how to change the name in Zoom without having to get off the couch

To get started, signing up for Zoom is quite a simple task and you can do it through its official site or by downloading the application directly to your cell phone. One of the most outstanding features of Zoom is that it is an application that can be downloaded to mobile devices and at the same time changing the name in Zoom can be done through the same application.

There are many doubts regarding changing the user or profile photo when you want to start a meeting and of course, you want to be identified. For this reason, this platform offers a fairly intuitive interface that will help you carry out this action step by step. However, to change the name in Zoom you just have to follow the following steps:

to get started, it is important to mention that every day Zoom focuses on improving its privacy policies in order to guarantee a comfortable and safe stay for all its users.

zoom screen

Directly from settings

Now when you want change your first name in Zoom Before starting a meeting through the App you can do it in two ways; the first is directly from the profile, where the name with which you have registered will appear and just by clicking on “edit”, and then saving the changes, it will be changed automatically.

Before entering a meeting

On the other hand, if you decide to enter a meeting with a name other than the one in the profile, you should only go to the item below when you are about to enter the ID code to join the meeting, and where the option to edit or customize the nickname you want to have during the meeting comes out.