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How to Change the Link of my Channel on YouTube? – Customize your Brand

17 de December de 2021

We all have our tastes and points of view on a subject and many times we find people who share our way of thinking. At other times we can suggest certain tips that may be useful to others. All these things and more can be done through a channel on YouTube. Yes you want to put a particular name to your channel, keep reading to the end.

What are the eligibility criteria that your custom URL must meet?

If you want to start standing out among other users of this network, not only to earn money, but to influence others, then you should look for ways to make yourself felt. One way that many do it is by suggesting playlists, eye-catching videos, movies or tutorials where they themselves are the protagonists.

You may have already passed that stage and have your own channel, if so, you have several options to make each detail a strategy to be noticed. Many choose to customize their channel establishing certain aspects that characterize the space.

Another way to make your channel unique is by changing the link, many times the URL is based on the ID. This not commercial or easy to remember for you and for your possible followers. This is why YouTube allows you to make this change if you wish.

Some of the requirements that this network asks of you to make this change is to have a cover photo or banner that represents the theme you like to promote, establish a profile image that identifies you from other channels, more than 100 followers and have a month of antiquity.

Before making the modification it is good that you check if you meet each of the criteria, you can do this from your profile, locating the channel tab. There you can place the image of the banner, the profile and make sure who your subscribers are to know if you have more than a hundred and so your process is not interrupted.

What is the procedure to modify the URL of your channel on YouTube?

One way to reach more people is to constantly create quality content that is innovative, this material will make many people want to be on your channel. However, if you have an address that is difficult to remember, it can be a limitation for you, since it will be difficult for you to make an invitation with the address correct.

On the other hand, the usual behavior of users on YouTube is to search for channels with easy access or with addresses that they can place without complications. One of the things that can tell you that it’s time to change your URL is the viewing hours you have. If you know that your content is good and the subscriptions do not go up, you may need to customize your address to reach more people and they will be suggested to their friends and channel link

With your mobile phone

If you manage your YouTube account from your mobile and want to change the link of your channel, you must click on your profile photo and search for Your channel. There you will see the About section and you must copy your link. Then in the channel url set the new name you want to assign to your channel and press publish.

From the website

Making changes to the link of your channel is not complicated, you just need to follow a series of steps to specify the action. If you are going to do it from the website first, you must start your application account, second you must press the image of your profile to find the configuration.

Third, click on the advanced settings and in the custom URL tab you will see that you have all the necessary requirements. Later you can request to get the custom url and check the permission. Finally, you must accept YouTube’s policies and confirm the modification.

Why doesn’t your YouTube channel allow changing the URL and how to fix it?

If you have a problem customizing your channel link, it may be due to several factors. YouTube allows its users to change the URL of their channel a maximum of 3 times, so if 12 months have not passed and you already want to make a new modification, the system will not allow it until the required time is up.

If you want to transfer your channel to another account, you may have difficulties to make the change, this must wait 72 hours from the moment you remove the custom URL to be able to make the change on youtube

Another common drawback is when you don’t meet the criteria set by the platform. You must understand that to make a change of address it is not optional to meet the requirements or only with some of them, but you must have the 4 aspects covered to obtain the permit.

Performing this process is not difficult, however, if you skip a step due to carelessness or intent It can be another obstacle to achieving what you want. Although there can be several problems to personalize your address, they all have solutions, you can even avoid them.

How can you shorten the link of your channel on YouTube from the App or the web?

Your YouTube channel address can be long and have a combination of letters and numbers that can be difficult to remember; This is the reason why many people prefer to personalize their link.

Now if you already did the modification and you still want to make things easier for your subscribers or potential followers, you can shorten the link from the application itself. You only need to search for a content that contains the promotion of your channel and press share, below this you will see a shorter address. Then copy it and share it with a friend or directly to your networks.