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How to Change the Color Contrast on the Screen of my Laptop PC?

3 de February de 2022

All computers that have a Windows operating system can be adjust screen contrast from system settings. Configuring this kind of thing greatly helps the view of the content being streamed on your computer screen.

If you want to change the contrast of your laptop monitor, you should stay here as we will show you how to do that. You will soon see how to access contrast settings on your Windows PC, how to enter contrast settings on a Mac PC, and how to adjust the tint of a monitor.

What are the steps to follow to access the configuration menu of your Windows?

On Windows, the option to adjust monitor contrast u a computer screen can be found without doing much. To access this configuration you can use the search bar or if not a good group of commands. From both places you can get to the contrast settings.

with the search bar

From the search bar you should perform configuration search of the contrast that Windows has. See how this is done:

  1. Start your computer.
  2. Sit on the virtual desktop.
  3. Go to the task bar.
  4. Position the mouse on the writing bar.
  5. Now, in the search, put the word ‘Contrast’.
  6. To finish, select the first result and go on to adjust the contrast of the computer.

This adjusts the contrast on Windows 10 computers. If you have a computer running windows 8 or with Windows 7, you must follow this process:

  1. Turn on the PC.
  2. Go to the virtual desktop.
  3. Then, on the virtual desktop you are going to right click.
  4. From the options that will be displayed, select the one that says ‘Display Settings’ or ‘Personalise’.
  5. To finish, find the setting to change the contrast, change the contrast of your screen and save the changes.

You need to know that it is very convenient for you to switch to Windows 10, because such a system has hundreds of cool features. Windows 10 computers can even be started with a USB stick.

Via your command line

In the case of the commands, these are used to get to the same contrast setting that is discussed in one of the the processes we mentioned before. In a nutshell, it’s the same steps, the only thing that changes is the way the contrast settings are accessed.

Speaking a little more about Windows, you need to know that with this system there is even a way to uninstall programs or games. Sometimes it is good to uninstall games that you no longer use because of this How do you free up space on your hard drive? and in RAM.

person using mac pc

What do you need to do to access display settings on my Mac?

You have already seen how contrast is adjusted on a computer that has a Windows operating system. To be able to adjust the contrast of a PC that has a Mac system, you have to do a couple of things too, just like in Windows. Before going to the configurations you must have full permissions on the pc.

To be able to access the screen configuration of your PC with a Mac system, what you need is gain full control over the computer. By having this you can start doing what is necessary to calibrate the contrast and tones of your PC screen.

How can you adjust the screen contrast and tones on your laptop?

So that you remember very well how it is that tones are adjusted and the contrast to a PC, we are going to explain how such a thing is adjusted from Windows and from Mac.

From your Windows settings

With Windows, you must enter system settings to find the option that allows you to modify everything on your computer:

  1. Start your computer.
  2. While on the virtual desktop, press the ‘Windows’ key.
  3. Then go into Windows settings.
  4. To finish, go to where it says ‘Accessibility’, then ‘Contrast Themes’ and make the necessary changes.

windows 10 logo

That’s how it is adjust the contrast and tones to your PC with Windows 10. At the beginning we show you how to adjust the contrast on a PC with Windows 8 or 7.

With your Mac settings

On computers with a Mac operating system, there is no specific menu for change screen contrastbut a combination of buttons can be used to increase or decrease the contrast:

  1. Turn on your computer.
  2. Position yourself on the virtual desktop.
  3. Now, press ‘CTRL’, ‘ALT’ and ‘CDM’ key along with ‘Period’ keyboard button if you want to increase the contrast of your PC.
  4. Finally, if you are going to decrease the contrast of your Mac PC, you must combine the ‘CTRL’, ‘ALT’ and ‘CDM’ keys with the ‘Comma’ button to decrease the contrast.

It should be noted that if your Mac computer is having trouble closing certain processes, what you need to do is learn how to start the task manager. From that Task Manager You can end all kinds of processes or programs.

How to save the changes made on the screen of your laptop?

When you finish configuring the contrast of your PC whether it is Windows or Mac, you have to make sure that these changes are kept. In the case of Windows, you have to look for an option that says ‘OK’ or ‘Save’ and select it. On Mac you don’t have to do anything because settings are saved automatically.

If you were to have problems adjust screen contrast From your PC you can go to the Windows or Mac support website.