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How to Change the Battery of my Amazon Fire HD? – Simple Steps

4 de March de 2022

Amazon Fire tablets are an excellent mobile device option, from which, you can enjoy audiovisual or streaming content, read your favorite book, play the music of your choice and much more, in a comfortable and simple way.

However, one of the inconveniences that you will surely run into at some point in the life of the tablet is a defective battery, something that usually appears when you least expect it and many times you don’t know how to solve it. Today we explain what steps to follow to solve it quickly.

What tools are needed to change the battery in the Amazon Fire HD?

There are hundreds of applications that you can install on your mobile device to fully enjoy its virtues, whether you opt for paid options or have decided to download Showbox on Amazon Fire, when the battery starts to fail the basic use of this tablet becomes a challenge.

As we all know, this type of device is rechargeable and wireless, so if now you see that its charge does not last as long as it should, or it is simply unable to stay on without an electrical connection, then it is most likely time to renew the battery. battery. This situation is normal to have no idea how or where to start, but you can stay calm, it is a totally achievable procedure.

You do not need complex access tools or high cost, only with the lid Opener, one Philips #00 screwdriver and one Torx T5 screwdriver, you will be fine, so if you want to venture into changing the battery on your own, today we offer to be your guide, so that you obtain an optimal result and without inconveniences.

How to acquire a new original and compatible battery for your Amazon Fire HD?

Before you begin the removal of the old battery, you will need to go to the Amazon Home Page and purchase the replacement, make sure it is the correct one for your tablet model. The aspects in which you should look for compatibility are, material, voltage, capacity, dimensions, certificates and also warranty.

Please note that these devices have a maximum shelf life of 5 years, so, quite certainly your Amazon Fire will outlive it and you will have to, on more than one occasion, look for its replacement. In any case, once you have it in your possession, we recommend proceeding with the change.

amazon tablet fire battery change

How to take care of the new battery of your Amazon Fire HD so that it lasts longer?

Of course, with Amazon devices, there are a number of techniques you can use to fix a variety of issues, from using the Amazon Fire TV stick if you’ve lost your remote, to replacing a bad battery in your tablet. With this you allow yourself to extend the operation of the equipment and save yourself a significant expense in having to acquire a new one.

To get started with changing your tablet’s battery, the initial step is to remove the back cover of the deviceyou achieve this with the bottle opener or with some similar element that helps you achieve it, you will know that you achieved it by a moderately strong sound, after that:

  • Most likely, you will see a tape attached to the copper tone battery, try to remove it carefully.
  • The next thing is to locate a black cable with a gold tip adjacent to the battery, you remove that cable, since it is the antenna connector.
  • On the IC board near the antenna connection we just interrupted, locate the Torx screw and remove it with the T5 Torx screwdriver.
  • You will find 4 Philips screw joints and remove them with the #00 Philips Screwdriver.
  • You will now need to remove the plastic between the circuit board and the wires, then you can remove the damaged battery.
  • To include the new battery make sure to be very detailed in placing all the parts and connections where they belong.

Avoid heat exposure

After you’re done with that arduous exchange process, you obviously want to make it worthwhile and avoid having to do it again in the near future. For this reason, one of the fundamental measures to keep your battery in optimal conditionit has to do with temperature, these are not designed to withstand high degrees.

make sure you keep it in a cool and pleasant environmentthat is, do not forget it in your car except if it is summer time, do not leave it in your bed when you sleep, because only body heat can affect its operation, and most importantly, use only the original charger, another could overheat it .

Do not fully discharge the battery

It is never recommended that you use your device to its last battery reserves, little by little this ends up deteriorating the response of these to a new load, in other words, you reduce its recharging capacity and finally its duration in perfect condition. This relates directly to the original lithium-ion components.

installing new amazon fire battery

Although, over time, they have been developing reservation systems that solve this flaw, it is still a risky practice for your battery. An additional recommendation that you will surely like to explore is to learn how to clear browsing history on Amazon Fire, as well as keep your system clean of unnecessary data and increase its performance.

Amazon Fire HD average upload limit

The opposite extreme, which is often incurred for fear of running out of battery, is to overcharge it, which basically keeps the device at a high battery level constantly and ends up damaging its operation. Ideally, your average state should be in the middle or a little less.