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How to Change the Background Color in Telegram Chats? – Apply Themes

30 de November de 2021

Lately, instant messaging apps are the most popular in the digital world, as they are a fast way to communicate in real time, and this is Telegram. But this application not only serves to communicate and have chats and interactions with groups or channels, but also Bots can be developed for games, quizzes, listening to music, downloading multimedia files, making payments and transfers.

In addition, Telegram is available on all platforms for any mobile device for personal or work use, with guaranteed security for your conversations; since they are encrypted with a proprietary end-to-end encryption protocol so that all users have privacy and can customize their profile and theme within the application.

How are the themes to use in Telegram created?

The power of customizing the Telegram platform with the colors, backgrounds and bubble styles you want is one of the attractions that makes more people join every day. use the application as instant messaging, since, it allows to preserve a bit of style of each person in each chat.

Now, to generate a theme in Telegram it is not difficult at all, you just have to open the Telegram application on your smartphone, and if you do not have it you can download it in the app store and log in with your phone number.

Once inside the interface, look for the icon of the three horizontal stripes ≡ in the upper left, then Settings> Chats, there you can choose and set default themes by the system; However, you can create a new theme from scratch by clicking on the three dots icon ⁝ «Create new theme» in the upper right corner.

Once pressed there, a floating menu will open that will ask you to enter the name of the theme, then it will close and an icon of a floating color palette will appear, touch it and this will take you to Telegram theme editor where you must edit each section, as by layers. You must touch each icon you want to configure and then go to the palette and locate the tone that you like the most, when you finish click on “Save”.

What is the way to place a colored background in Telegram?

You can customize the chat background to your liking, You can choose solid colors, The wallpapers that the application brings by default, or upload yours, let’s see how it is done according to each device.

Using an iOS device

Enter the application and the Settings menu at the bottom of the screen on your iOS, then Appearance> Chat background; There you choose the background you want to use from the gallery of your mobile or in the options “choose a color” or from the Telegram gallery. With the last two options you can design, changing the pattern and the color you want the new background to use to have.

Do it from an Android

On Android, look for the icon with the three horizontal stripes ≡ in the upper left, then Settings> Chats> Change chat background and there you have the same previous options to choose and customize to your preference.

telegram interface

How to download themes for Telegram chats?

If you want to take as a source of inspiration other themes created by other users, or download and install them in your design, you can do it, thanks to the multiple Telegram functions, as are their channels.

Telegram channels are the tool within the application to broadcast public messages to large subscriber audiences who can see everything that has been written in the chat prior to their entry. To install themes, you must use the official Telegram channel “Android Themes Channel” in the search bar.

There it share the designs of Android users; To download it, you just have to select the “.attheme” file located above each sample image of the designs. You just have to confirm the application of the theme and it will automatically join the list of all the themes on your account.