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How to Change or Remove the Zoom Password to Make Meetings Easily? (Example)

15 de May de 2021

Surely you belong to the thousands of users who have used Zoom or at least you must have already heard of this application. Especially because it has become famous since the COVID-19 outbreak. Zoom App is a bit insecure application, but you can change or remove the password to be able to use it with ease.

If you have used it and suffered from a cyber attack, it is because Zoom has many security problems. But for a while now platform has been in charge of solving these problems.

This update was made in May of the current year due to the large number of outbreaks in the video calling security breach. This results in a lot of annoying users because third party users could easily intrude on the conversations Troll attacks and of course privacy violations were also seen.

Why the use of passwords?

Mainly, for give back control to your users. Zoom has become one of the most widely used cyber calling apps due to its features. In addition to allowing a fairly large group of connections made at the same time. Which is quite striking.

The company has also promised to continue to implement other ways to improve its cybersecurity such as an improved level of encryption to make it even more difficult for hackers and more to access.

Cyber ​​attacks are carried out so quickly that it is difficult for companies to catch them in time. This is why they need to have a good safety net.

How do passwords work?

Zoom calls used personal meeting identifiers (PMI). People could easily enter these meetings or video calls already because they used the same identifier or link. With this update, users who are in charge of making a video conference can now disable these identifiers keeping intruders out.

The owner of this company explained that since the PMIs are deactivated, the links will not be valid and therefore it will not be possible to access a meeting. The passwords are like a kind of invitation to the call and are given by the platform to the user who creates a conference.

If you are invited to a call, this access code will come with it, this access tends to be sent by the host, who is the one who created the room. The host can also switch between the people who are in the chat.

Something called a waiting room was also activated. Remember that this function is for improve your user experience, but if you want to change or remove the Zoom password you can do it easily.

Waiting room

This feature has in fact always been around, only it is usually turned off by users. But with updates, it will be activated by default as another action against insecurity.

It works as a dialer for those who join the call and it is the host’s decision when to let them access it. A disadvantage is that, the administrator user may not realize that someone is waiting, so they should be notified in advance.

zoom settings

Set up the app so you can change or remove the Zoom password

With these new updates you can request passwords for new or instant meetings or a personal ID to be able to join a meeting. Remember that changing or removing your Zoom password to make meetings easier will expose you to cyber attacks.

Change password

On the Zoom page, select “Me account” and on the left of the screen in the menu choose “Meetings”. With the meeting you have scheduled, go to “Edit this meeting” and slide the cursor until you find “Meeting password”. Once there, place the code you want and click on “Keep”.

Remove password

Perform the same steps mentioned above until you find yourself in the option of “Meeting password”. There, deactivate this function in “Require meeting password”. Then just give “Keep” and ready. With this, you know how to change or remove the Zoom password.

Just as the Zoom App allows you to create a multi-person video call, Google also developed Google Meet which also allows you to create a virtual room.