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How to change my location on Facebook Couples and block users?

24 de May de 2022

Facebook Couples is an integrated section within the platform, it works in a very similar way to Tinder. It allows users to start conversations more easily and helps them to be able to connect with other people of social networks. If you want to start using this tool to meet new people and find love, you need to create a profile, allow it to access your location, and you must also comply with a series of application regulations.

Why does Facebook Couples request access to the location of its users?

Facebook is a platform that, when used in a usual way, requests to enter some applications of our devices. But also, one of the things that usually asks the user is know your location. When creating a profile on Facebook Couples you will have to activate the location services of your account. Before using the functions available to find a partner.

This is necessary because this tool uses location to make suggestions of people to find a partner based on the distance preferences that you have initially set.

What should I do to change my location on Facebook Dating?

If you want to modify any type of settings on your Facebook Couples profile From a mobile device, you need to have the Facebook app downloaded and installed on your computer. So if you want to change your location on Facebook Dating, you’ll need to go to the Android or iPhone device app store. But you also have the option to make changes to your configuration on the platform’s website.

From the Facebook mobile app on Android or iPhone

  1. Open the Facebook app from your device.
  2. Press the Menu icon and then select the Couples option.
  3. Tap the Profile icon, and then tap “Location for Couples”.
  4. Press the location icon and then where it says “Save”.

With the Facebook website

  1. Enter the Facebook website from the browser of your choice.
  2. To be able to manage the change or add the location on Facebook.
  3. To enter your account you have to enter your email and password to log in to the platform.
  4. Then you should go to the top right, where the thumbnail of the profile photo is displayed. Where you will have to click to enter the profile of your account.
  5. In the section of your profile, select the category “About me”, and then a new window will open showing the information we have provided to Facebook.
  6. Look for the “Places where you have lived” option, and edit the information to add different places where you have lived in recent years.
  7. In the “Current city” option you will have to put the location of where you live.
  8. You also have the alternative from modify who can view this informationand then tap the “world” icon.
  9. Once you make the corresponding changes, you must click on “Save”.

use facebook on a phone

What will happen if I block someone on Facebook Dating?

In the event that you no longer want some people or friends to be able to access your Facebook Couples profile, the best option is to block those users. However, it is important that you keep in mind that the blocking does not apply to the other tools on the platform. In case you do not know how to carry out this process, you should know that you can do it by contacting the platform.

Will he be able to see my Facebook account?

When you block a user on Facebook Couples, it is common for many questions to arise. One of the questions that users almost always have is whether the person you block will be able to see your Facebook account.

It is essential to remember that Facebook Romance is a section that works independently of the Facebook platform. Related to this, if you block a user in this tool, will not be blocked on Facebook or on Facebook Messenger.

Is there a way you can contact me on Facebook?

In case you want to communicate with the platform, you can do it in a very easy and simple way. The only way to contact facebook It is through email, this is because they do not have a customer service system via direct help phone.

However, if they have a WhatsApp number, which is an exclusive channel to deal with certain topics. An example would be the closure of an account, notification of the death of a user, among other problems that are similar.

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Steps to follow to block someone on Facebook Dating

  1. Open the Facebook application, and log in to your account.
  2. Once you access your account, you must go to the top and click on the button with three horizontal stripes.
  3. In the menu it shows, you will have to select the Couples option.
  4. Enter where it says Match.
  5. Tap the profile picture of the person you want to block.
  6. Then you will have to press the button with three dots in the upper right.
  7. Tap on the “Block to…” option.
  8. Then you will have to press “Block” again to confirm this action.