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How to Change my Character’s Hat in Among Us – Customize your Character

9 de February de 2022

Video games are a form of entertainment for a large number of people, some do not provide money to the participants, although they do have a very striking and interesting plot. Among us is one of these video games with which you can have fun trying to get to the end alive. The good thing about the game is that you can modify your character by changing elements such as the hatto learn how to do it, keep reading until the end.

Where can you see all the hats available in Among Us?

Among us is a video game that was launched on the market in 2018 and from that moment until now millions of people have been delighted with the development of the plot. This can be played online, with a public or private game, the one who chooses the conditions is the participant.

The goal of the game is to accomplish certain activities, avoid being killed, and find out who the killer is. Instead, the killer must kill all the characters before they discover him and pass himself off as innocent. This is why many people prefer to invest their time in this game that practically transports them to a suspense movie where they have to fight to survive.

When you enter the game you are assigned a character and if the system decides that you are one of the assassins, you will receive a message to let you know that this will be your role. Another interesting aspect of the game is that you can make many modifications to your characterin order to give it a personal touch and that you can identify more with it.

One way to modify it is to change the hat it wears, to know what options you have, you just have to be aware of the bottom of the screen and when the image of a laptop appears, you just have to touch it so that a window appears with all the options. options you have to change. Here you can change the color, the mascot, the costume, the game and the hat. Each element will have different options.

How can you put a hat on your Among Us character?

The versatility of this game is one of the reasons why it has become so popular, since you have the opportunity to choose different options to make this a fun experience.characters in among us

One of these features that you can modify the color that your character will have. Each participant will choose a color and if you are quick you can choose the one you like the most, if not you will have to choose among the remaining ones.

Another thing you should be aware of is that when you enter the application you must choose between playing a private or public game. Many prefer the public to be able to interact with other people. Although the developers also want to please those who are more reserved and like private games.

Some participants for various reasons decide to leave the game permanently. There are those who are trying to leave the vice that this practice can generate, others have changed their circumstances and do not have time to dedicate them to the game. No matter what the reason is, the app allows you to delete your account and all game data from your phone.

All these options give the feeling that you are free within the application to make the decision that best suits you. Therefore, if you want to make a change related to your character, you just have to be aware to locate where the section is to make the modifications. person playing among us

What to do to change it?

Changing an element to a character is really simple, in the case of hats the process is very similar to the rest of the changes. You just have to open the application and choose to play online to be able to enter the main menu. At this point you can choose between a private or public game.

Once you have chosen the type of game, you will see in the lower right part of the screen the image of a laptop. When you see it, you have to click on it so that you can access the different options to customize the character. When you have the window with the options on the screen, you can see in the second line the different hats availableyou must choose one of them and it will be assigned to your character.

When you enter a public match and other participants enter before you, they will have the opportunity to choose from all the options and those who enter later can only choose from the remaining options.

Some looking for a way not to lose the exclusivity of the options, prefer that when they enter the game they choose the private one. With this, they can choose with patience and have all the time to try in the different options and when they already have their character with all the details covered, then they modify the game to a public one.among us on mobile

Is it possible to get more hats to put in Among Us?

From time to time, in the Among us application, especially on festive dates, new options of hats related to the date are offered. And in the calmer times of the year you can also find more hats for your characters.

If you use the application on your Android or iOS mobile to play, you already know that it is free to do so. However, acquire these hats if they can have a cost that you must pay to be able to use them.

Now if you use the desktop version to play Among Us when you are going to download the app you must pay for that, and that package includes free head accessories. If you want other hats you can check if this one is free or you have to pay to use it.