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How to Change Keyboard Language in Linux? – Configure the Input Language

3 de February de 2022

When we are ready to change the operating system, we are accustomed that in the previous one the system in general is adequate for our demands, in terms of language everything is as it should; so much that we don’t even think about it. The input keyboard is the most involved with this part of the languages, because as it is the text entry mechanism, this is the one that is configured according to what we need.

When we enter a new operating system in this case Linux, as soon as we enter the configuration it gives us the option to modify the language, it comes by default in English. But if for some reason we overlook this we realize that the keyboard is different, in this article we will see how to make this change to our language; and it is that sometimes, we do not know how to place the question mark on the PC with another language.

What languages ​​are available for use on Linux?

These are some of the fundamental characteristics for the development of free software, for the integration of people who are volunteers in the evolution of this; a large number of languages ​​need to be covered for inclusion. And it is that good ideas come from everywhere, that is why Ubuntu is multilingual for the comfort of all users and programmers.

Ubuntu Enjoy a number of more than 130 languages ​​available, to be configured to suit everyone, all of these are adapted for the use of the system. Also, if you don’t get any you can add it from its official page; in Ubuntu it is important to know this, because if you are a collaborator you need to enter the backslash on the keyboard, to be able to carry out programmatic tasks and if the language changes, the input method changes.

What is the command you should use to access the language settings in Linux?

To access the language configuration in Linux from the terminal, we must enter the command “locale or localectl”. This shows us the regional locale installed, now to see all the “locale” that are available we enter “locale -a”, then we proceed to update it “update-locale”.

To determine the language we enter the following command, “update-locale LANG=es_ES.UTF-8 LANGUAGE” in this way we will establish the language, we must proceed to establish the language in the operating system and be accepted. For this we enter, “sudo nano /var/lib/locales/supported.d/local”, a wizard will open and in this we must choose the option “es_ES.UTF-8”. In this way, it only remains to restart the system for the changes to take effect. In this way we can change the language of the system.

Linux has a wide variety of languages.

How can you change your Linux keyboard language?

To change the keyboard language from the Linux terminal, the following command must be entered “sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration”, now an assistant will appear, in this we will have a list of keyboard models here we select ours, we give it “OK” and we continue to change the language.

We passed it from English to Spanish by choosing “spanish” in the list that appears we select the first option “spanish” after this, in the next two windows we leave everything as it is, finally, we accept and proceed to restart the system so that the language change takes place.

If you have an Ubuntu/Debian

In case of having to and we want to change the language of the keyboard, there is a configuration that can be used for this, the first thing to do is enter Settings> Region and Languages> In this we can see that the input source is English, we select the “+” symbol then the three vertical dots sign, now click on the “other” option.

In this section we look for the language in this case “Spanish” and then add, when it is already added we see that it appears at the bottom of the current language, for this to be the default language we place it first, or you can remove the other language, then we reboot to have the full change.

programming and managing languages ​​in linux

With KaliLinux

If the Kali Linux operating system is the one that your computer has, to change the language we are going to be located at the top left in the Blue Dragon, then we are going to “settings manager”.

Now the system will open a window and we place the symbol of “Keyboard”, in this we click on the “Distribution” tab, then click on “Add” in this a list of languages ​​with keyboard types will appear, we choose Spanish. Finally, we proceed to locate it first so that it is the default and it will be everything.