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How to Change Font Format on Twitter? – Bold, Italics and Underline

6 de February de 2022

Although Twitter It is not a widely used social network such as Facebook or Instagram itself, still has a certain prestige. Just as Instagram or Facebook contain remarkable functions, Twitter has a couple of things, which are worth talking about.

One of the best things about Twitter is that allows you to change the format of the text in your posts. On Facebook you can also do this kind of thing, but not on the same scale. In short, we are going to show you what things you must have to change the font format on Twitter, how to use tools to change the font format and other things.

What is needed to be able to make the letters bold or italic on Twitter?

Within Twitter you can change the font format when you are going to upload a short post. When you want to change the font format of a large text, you need to go to make use of a tool. In order to change the font format on Twitter, you must have a mobile phone and a specific tool.

Regarding the mobile, it can be of any brand or any system, it does not matter if it is iPhone or Android. On the other hand, the name of the tool that you will have to use is Stylish Text. In case you didn’t know, on Twitter you can mute some of the people you have added.

Use a mobile device

In the first instance, you need to use a cell phone because from computers you cannot download Stylish Text app. However, from computers you can also change the format of the text, all you have to do is use a tool similar to Stylish Text that is online.

having a place where change the format to text, what would be needed is to publish it inside Stylish Text. It should be noted that with Twitter you can create your own hashtags to promote certain ideas or hobbies. The creation of eye-catching tweets can make you create a certain popularity on Twitter.

In addition to creating your own hashtags within twitter there is even a way to adjust everything that has to do with the privacy of the profile.

Install Stylish Text

If you already have a cell phone, all you need is to go to download Stylish Text app. This is an application that is easily obtained within the Play Store. In addition, it is not only available for cell phones with the Android operating system.

It is even available for cell phones that have the iOS operating system. If you go into the App Store right now and put the name ‘Stylish Text’ in the search bar, in the results the application will appear. Then, when you get it, if you wish, download it.

What is the procedure to use Stylish Text and change the font format on Twitter?

stylish text logo

Now, since you have the things that are needed to change the text format or that you know is needed, what follows is to show you the process that should be used. This procedure is divided into two parts and we will explain each of these two parts in the following two subtopics.

Configure Stylish Text

The first part of the process consists only of configure Stylish Text app in order to be able to output the text in another format. See how the app fits:

  1. Open Stylish Text once it’s done installing
  2. Then, click ‘Accept’ to everything the application tells you
  3. When you get to the first window of the app, hover over the writing bar
  4. Place the portion of text you want to change the format
  5. Then, hit the ‘All Formats’ option
  6. To finish, select the format and copy the text

It is in this way that font format is adjusted within the Stylish Text app. Whenever you want to restyle a piece of text to upload it to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Tinder, you have to use the aforementioned process.

Share the text to Twitter

Once you have changed the format of your text, you will have to copy it or else cut it. To finish, you would need to follow the second part of the process:

person sharing something on twitter

  1. Open the Twitter app
  2. Log in
  3. Enter the section to which you want to add the text
  4. Stand at the writing bar
  5. Paste the modified text
  6. Finally, upload the text and that’s it

This concludes the entire process for change the format of a portion of text that you later want to upload to a social platform.