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How to cancel my paid subscription on iTranslate from Android or iOS?

3 de May de 2022

iTranslate is one of the most used apps for translation with more than 100 different languages. With it you can study a language that you need or want to learn. Despite this, there are users who require exiting. So many do not know the process to do it. This time we will tell you how to remove the paid subscription in iTranslate on Android or iOS.

What should I do to cancel an iTranslate subscription from my iOS mobile?

A good part of users acquired the pro model. A version to translate texts without the need for a web connection. However, for various reasons want to cancel your subscription. Next we will show you the way to unsubscribe from the registration of the application on your iOS mobile.

You just have to go to settings. Then tap on Apple ID. Following, scroll down to the registration alternative. Once there you have to choose the application you want to remove. Click on unsubscribe and unsubscribe from the free trial at the end of the page.

You will appreciate a message notifying when the app will end if you revoke it. Tap Confirm to end the suspension. Then, wait until it is removed and check by running the same methodology.

When you go through the steps to deactivate subscriptions on an iPhone or iPad and don’t see the option to discontinue service. It is likely that you will have to search in the respective app or consult with the provider.

Cancel iTranslate payment from settings

To settle the subscription on an iPhone or iPad device. You must carry out the process that we offer you through the following steps:

  • Go to the Settings app. Click on your name and tap on Subscriptions. Later tap on the app you want to manage. Do not notice the application you are looking for?. Click on ‘Cancel registration’.
  • If you prefer to cancel the ‘Apple One’. And keep multiple apps. Click on ‘Choose individual services’. If you do not appreciate the option Cancel. It is because the app is already deleted and will not appear again.

Keep in mind that if the bottom of the app shows the following ‘Term expires’, this means that it has already been canceled. If the app is enabled, it says ‘Renew date’.

Remove subscription from ‘Subscriptions’

To undo it in any way. On your device, be it iPhone or iPad, carry out the method that we offer you below in the following way:

  • First, go to Settings and click on your name.
  • Then tap on iTunes and App Store. Already inside, you will notice at the top of the section ‘your Apple ID’, click on it.
  • Next, click on View Apple ID. Unlock with Touch ID or Face ID.

using iphone device

Once this is done, you will see your account data. Scroll down to find the ‘Subscriptions’ heading. The ones you have active will be shown. Click on Cancel registration’. And that’s it, you can no longer use iTraslate to translate WhatsApp.

How to cancel my iTranslate subscription from my Android device?

On the mobile phone. To unregister the iTranslate app you can do it on Google Play. The Android app store. If you want to achieve this, perform the following process:

  1. Sign in to the app. Later, unfold the side section by scrolling to the right.
  2. Choose ‘Subscriptions’. You will notice that they will all be displayed completely. Click on the one you want to remove in this case from iTranslate and click on ‘Delete subscription’.

From the app store ‘Play Store’

If you like cancel a subscription to this app, what you should do is the following: the first thing is to enter the store. Then click on the profile image and click on payments and registrations. Next tap on subscriptions. Choose the app with the app enabled you want to override. You must click on ‘Settle registration’. In this way you have already canceled the iTranslate language translation app.

girl using mobile

Unsubscribe from ‘Payments and subscriptions’

To remove apps you’re paying for, you can use Apple Pay on iPhone. Follow the method that we give you next:

  • Access the settings app and click on your name. the first access from the upper area. Choose ‘iTunes Store and App Store’.
  • Then click on ‘Apple ID. Which is displayed at the top of the screen.
  • In the drop-down list, select ‘View Apple ID’, In it you will find ‘Subscriptions’ and enter the section. Tap the red text that says ‘Repeal Registration’.

Consecutively it will be canceled. However, in some cases it may happen that you have access to the service during the period in which the payment that follows ends. When the date on the app file arrives, the income will be limited and you will have to pay again.

You should know that if you cancel a paid subscription. Can you continue your use until the last billing date. If you do it during a free trial period. You may not be able to access the app right away.