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How to Bypass Video Autoplay on Kindle Fire?

3 de February de 2022

You may already be aware of all the news and advantages that Amazon Kindle Fire tablets boast within the market. And it is that with its use, you can not only access thousands of readings within the library, but at the same time, it is valid to edit all the files of your choice in PDF format.

However, by making use of these videos that you can even watch on your TV screen, there is no switch as such that prevents its reproduction automatically. Which, could turn out to be somewhat inconvenient, especially if at that moment you are busy with other relevant matters. This being the case, the most practical option is to access your Kindle’s system settings to solve this problem in the simplest way possible.

What should you do to turn off Kindle Fire gallery autoplay?

Certainly, in the gallery of Kindle Fire you will not find a specific button for the videos to stop playing in a matter of a few seconds. For this reason, the most relevant thing will be that you access the Configuration settings and select the application in question in which you usually play content Of video. Be it Amazon video, Youtube or Netflix and later we will be explaining each step in detail depending on the application in question.

turn off autoplay on amazon kindle fire

How to disable ‘Amazon video’ autoplay?

If you are interested in deactivating the automatic playback of videos either on the most famous platform of the moment, we are referring to the YouTube platform or on other similar ones such as Netflix and Amazon video, you should execute a series of essential steps that allow you to do it. Likewise, you must comply with certain guidelines for the automatic deactivation of the gallery of your Kindle Fire and for this, the first thing you must do is access your account, logging in.

Later, you must go to the Video Library, clicking on the menu icon to display various options. From here, you have to locate the Configuration section, entering your password for security and privacy reasons.

Now, it is important that you go to the part of Autoplay so that you proceed to deactivate it and the changes are successfully saved to your Kindle Fire. Remember that it is also possible to restrict inappropriate websites on your device if you wish.

how to disable video autoplay on kindle fire

Disable ‘Auto Play’ in case of any error

Keep in mind, that when you complete the entire procedure that we indicated above, it is likely that you will still be watching videos from your iPad. Considering that the synchronization process applies to all devices that are registered with the Amazon account.

That said, the most practical thing you can do is access the settings again and disable the alternative that says Auto Play so that the changes are saved correctly and you stop seeing the autoplay immediately.

How to stop autoplays in YouTube app?

Complying with the stop of automatic reproductions of content from the YouTube App is quite simple. Therefore, you have to log in with your account and select at once, a video of your choice. Now, you must locate an automatic playback button on the screen, located on the right side. From there, you can disable playback and the changes will remain intact for future visits to YouTube.

In case you want stop playing thumbnails on youtube platform, you have to locate yourself in the Settings settings. Next, and when navigating the panel, you will see the AutoPlay option in the home, so click on it so that the options to choose from are displayed and look for the Deactivated option.

correct way to stop autoplay on kindle

How to get rid of autoplay videos on Netflix from your ‘Kindle Fire’?

Now, to carry out all this process from Netflix on your Kindle Fire, it is essential that you log in to the application and go to your Account window. Once there, you must navigate until you find the Playback Settings section. Unchecking a box that says Play next episode automatically.

Finally, you must save the changes so that the procedure is completed and you no longer have to be bothered by autoplay coming from video content on your tablet.