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How to Buy or Pay in Mercado Libre for Monthly Interest Free with a Debit Card

29 de July de 2021

Mercado Libre is one of the companies of e-commerce largest of the moment in Latin America. Its simplicity of use, speed of transactions and ease of finding any product, make it a platform with a very attractive market.

It is a website that allows purchases and sales either between individuals or legal entities, and contributes to the economy. Has promotion plans that promote business; one of them is the monthly purchases without interest. If you want to know what it is about, keep reading.

What are interest-free monthly purchases in Mercado Libre?

In this world of e-commerce, sales and online shopping, there is a money flow of wide flow that not only benefits individuals but also companies that offer their services and products through it. It is a very powerful trading tool.

Currently there are thousands of companies that, through online platforms, establish the promotion of their stores in a virtual way, so there is quite a bit of competition.

However, you have to be very careful with all these forms of commerce and be informed enough to know if an online website is safe to buy.

Mercado Libre is an international company with this type of trade and, due to its age and efficiency, it is considered one of the best. Buying in Mercado Libre is a simple method and does not imply extensive knowledge of the platform to make a sale or purchase.

It has managed to maintain its peak for more than 20 years, now being the medium used by thousands of companies and millions of users throughout the Latin American continent. And this thanks to their promotions such as “Months without interest”, which is a way of buying with credit, financed by Mercado Libre, the acquisition of a product or service.

Is it possible to buy or pay in Mercado Libre in months without interest with a debit card?

The months without interest in Mercado Libre is a type of financial tool that makes it easier for buyers to obtain a product, through purchases with cards accepted on its page, with the ease of payment or future cancellation.

That is, it is a loan that is made to a user so that he can make his purchase, and the payment will be canceled months later, without the condition of interests, as with financial institutions.

This is very attractive to customers, as they do not have to go through the banking procedures late to get money and pay their bills, or have a high credit score or high credit score that banks demand so much.

You only need a previous financial tool, such as a credit card, to affiliate it and make the charges of payments, which will be without interest.

However, the possible credit card debt remains. It is then where the issue of not paying interest comes, and that is that this mechanism can be done from a DebitYou just have to know which one is accepted and which one is not.

How to buy or pay in months without interest in Mercado Libre?

Now remembering the advantages of this promotion in Mercado Libre is that you should not be requesting a loan, and still make the purchase you need.

In addition, you do not have to worry about increasing the credit score or credit history that they ask for as a requirement in the granting a bank loan.

buy without interest with a debit card on the free market

Buying a product with the interest-free month tool is possible with the most popular credit cards, such as American Express, VISA, Mastercard and other banking platforms. But there is another way to apply this type of purchase with own available balance and not credit.

In Mercado Libre there are two forms of payment, among many others: Mercado Pago Card and Mercado Libre Invex Cards, which can be loaded with your own balance and make the purchase as if it were a credit card.

These cards, mentioned in the previous paragraph, as they belong to the set of products offered by the commercial platform in question, they are allowed for purchases of months without interest. In this way then you can buy the product you want and it is in Mercado Libre, without paying interest.