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How to Buy and Sell Cars in GTA 5 Easily – Grand Theft Auto 5

27 de July de 2021

In real life, using our money wisely can make the difference between eating and living under a roof; makes us appreciate our work and the effort we do day after day to survive.

And while it is not nearly the same, because of how we spend it and how we manage it after hours of play, we can come to appreciate our money in the video game.

There are many current video games where a kind of digital currency that may or may not have a real life cost to other people.

If we talk about things that are sold in a video game through a deal that provides us with real life profits, we can mention those equipment that are sold in Diablo III or World of Warcraft.

However, this is not always the case, and mostly play money within video games is used by our virtual character to make the game much easier.

Whether it is skill improvements for the character we use, a new sword with more power or a much faster car, it is usual that we look for ways to make enough money to get these objects.

If one game makes this very clear to us, it is Grand Theft Auto V, a game where you take control of three different ruffians in search of money in the fictional city of The Saints, which represent the main characters of the game.

Taking into account the characters we deal with, how the game works and what we need to be able to feel more complete within it, it is not surprising how money is handled there.

There are different ways to get money within GTA V, and they range from completing missions to doing other types of activities, such as selling a car, so if this interests you, then we will talk a little about it.

Buying and selling cars in offline mode

If you want a game that can make you a little more concerned about your own finances, and you should play Grand theft auto v, and not necessarily because it is difficult to handle, but because it is extremely satisfying to make large sums of money and then spend it on different things within the same game, such as buying property and cars to race in the game.

It’s great to be able to do all kinds of misdeeds within GTA V to get money, and be able to see yourself as a high-class thug in the game. And, to do so you can do several things like sell and buy cars, but if you are playing offline, you should keep in mind that you can’t sell cars.

Actually, selling cars in story mode can be a bit pointless, as you can get money from many other sources, which makes this activity quite disposable.

On the other hand, you can buy cars by accessing the internet on your cell phone with any of the characters and buying one in the online store, after having bought a private garage where to keep them.

gta black model car

Buying and selling cars online

Although the car sales activity in the main game it may not exist, in online mode it is totally another story, as it is a good way to earn money.

To do this, you have to take the car you have and go to any branch of Los Santos Customs, where you can sell the vehicle for a good sum as long as you don’t have a significant level of police search.

Buy cars It is not something very different, from offline mode, since you can use your mobile in the same way to buy the vehicle you need as long as you have the money and space to have it.