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How to Beat Ruin Guardians in Genshin Impact – Different Methods

26 de April de 2022

If you like ARPG games, you must have noticed that in order to move forward, you will come across various obstacles. Of course Genshin Impact is no exception, since at a certain point the guardians of ruins will appear to impede your progress. Therefore, it is necessary that you learn to destroy them by putting into practice the tricks that we will show you below.

What are the benefits gained from defeating Ruin Guardians?

Destroying these villains may seem complicated, when you sign up for Genshin Impact on any platform. But by making the right combinations you will achieve it in a sigh. Besides, that it will generate excellent rewardswhich will be better and better, while you do it in much more advanced levels.

These large and intimidating creatures from Genshin Impact have a weak point, for this reason, you must detect and destroy them. Thus, you get great advantages for the rest of the game, since if you defeat these huge enemies, you will receive ascension material. With this you will have the possibility to access advanced weapons and the revelation of important secrets for your development.

chaos device

One of the perks you’ll get for destroying Ruin Guardians is this Ascension Material. This is because the Chaos Device is one of the most powerful ancient relics in the game.

With this compound held part of the enemy’s body that you just shot down. For this reason, it will serve you for the ascent of some weapons such as bows, spikes or swords. You will also gain access to books and other texts that reveal valuable information about Genshin Impact.

chaos circuit

In relation to system that makes the guardians of ruins work, is also considered a fairly ancient relic. Its value is generated by the fact that this type of compound is no longer active elsewhere.

For that reason, by destroying these huge opponents in advanced levels, you will be able to claim this circuit of chaos. Considering that such technology will amount to pretty deadly weapons for your next worlds.

Also, when you destroy a Ruin Guardian starting at level 60, you will also get Cauldrons of Chaos. this priceless ascension material It will help you evolve in the game, as you will have access to invaluable weapons and important secrets. Since, this mysterious substance comes from the heart that gave life to the enemy.

destroy guard ruins genshin impact

What attacks should I make to beat the ruin guardians in Genshi Impact?

If you have downloaded the Genshin Impact game on your mobile device, you will know that the important thing will always be the strategy, so you must detect the enemy’s weak point and attack it. In the case of the Ruin Guardians, you will notice that they have a huge orange eyewhich stands out for its brightness.

Also, in the rear area they have their energy core, which you can see when they prepare to bombard you. So those are the areas you should hit first, preferably with the use of an archer.

Therefore, it is essential that you have a character with this ability in your team, so you will hit its power source and in two blows you will knock him down. Since a second attack on its core will neutralize it, it is good that you take advantage of using these strategies:

Spin Attack

Ruin Guardians are destroyers as they clap and stomp to hit you and weaken you. For that reason, you have to know their moves more powerful, one of them is the spinning attack.

Ideally, use this strategy against him, as his upper body will begin to spin around to hit you. The assault lasts about 7 seconds, so it’s time to get on his body and hit him in his core.

defeat guardians ruins archer genshin impact

Using the exploding puppet

There is no doubt that one of the smartest ways to destroy the enemy is to create a diversion. This is the job of the decoy, since manages to outwit the Guardians of Ruins for you to attack its vital core.

This is one of Amber’s main skills, which you must surely have on your team, as she is an excellent Genshin Impact archer. When this attack is activated, we see Baron Bunny distract the opponent for 8 seconds.

So, hold it down for launch, depending on the distance you want to achieve and release it. The puppet will then explode upon being destroyed or at the end of its timer, meaning it will deal significant damage to the guardian.

with a bombardment

As the enemy prepares to launch the blast at you, you must take advantage of their position and attack their vital core. since it’s going to expose your back when you turn in order to prepare the bombardment. So, you must be quite precise in your hit, before he activates the missiles that are capable of removing half of your health.

Consequently, to defeat the Ruin Guardians in Genshin Impact, the most relevant thing is know your weaknesses. In addition, it is essential that you build a strong team strategically, adding an archer like Amber. Using cheats like the ones used to unlock ‘Pirates, Argh!’, in the game. You should also reinforce it with powerful characters that you can get in any Gachapon or event.