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How to Attach Files in an iPhone and Mac Mail? -Apple Mail

1 de February de 2022

Today there is no person who does not need to use the email application for activities of their common life, for this reason the different servers they focus on continuously improving the user interface, allowing them to enjoy this increasingly simple messaging format.

Attaching a file to an email is one of the simplest and most useful actions, as it allows us to share information, documents, applications, images and more. If you still don’t know how to do it from Apple devices, continue reading and we’ll explain step by step.

How to send photos, videos or documents with your iPhone or Mac mail?

Apple Mail is one of the most competitive applications in the field of emails, with it you can make simple settings, such as changing the sound of Mail notifications to share files of different sizes and formats, all through your account. Setting up this account is synonymous with creating an Apple ID and is essential to obtain the benefits of the brand’s services.

As soon as you configure your device, it will require you to create your user on the platform, through the button “Press Create a free Apple ID” on iPhone or from the system preferences on Mac. Remember that, necessarily to access Apple Mail features, you need to sign in to your iCloud account.

What is the way to add attachments to an email from an Apple device?

If you’re not yet a very savvy user of Apple Mail, you may not be aware that it’s entirely possible to delete emails from macOS Mail on Mac without opening them, or you may be unclear about the process of attaching files to an email to share with another. addressee. We tell you that with simple steps you can send mail with content in different formats, both from a macOS computer and from an iPhone, and now we’ll explain how:

From a Mac computer

when you’re in the desktop version of your Mail on and you want, in addition to a text message, to add files to share electronically, all you need to do is:

  • Start composing a new message, clicking on the upper left symbol in the form of a pencil and paper, according to your preference, add the recipient, subject and message.
  • Go to the upper right corner of the mail window, to select the clip-like symbol corresponding to attach.
  • will open a browser window to your Mac, in which you will navigate to the location of him or the files you want to share.
  • There you select and click on “Select File”, this starts the automatic upload to the mail.

sending attachments from your mac

On an iOS mobile device

Let’s start by remembering that if you are not yet part of the Apple users and have always been interested, you can get an iPhone from the Apple online store, after you purchase the device, you can start to adapt to its interface through daily use and guides. how are you. For example, being the case that require from your mobile to attach a file by mail, you should know that it varies a bit from the Mac:

  1. From the open keyboard in the body of the message you are composing, press twice in a row to bring up the available formatting bar.
  2. Locate the button “add attachment“.
  3. Next, you must choose the type of file to attach, either document, photo or saved video, take a photo, video, capture or drawing at the moment to attach it.

What steps should you follow to attach a file to an email on Mac from options?

There are a number of features you can give your email, such as returning a message to the sender in Mail with Mac OS, Including or excluding original attachments in one or all replies, attaching files to the end of email messages, and even attach a received mail as an attachment.

Whatever the case, the first option you have to share this type of content is through the procedure that we just explained to you, but it is not the only one, continue and we will tell you a more direct route.

Attach a file just by dragging it

Now, you need to know that an even easier and faster way to upload a file to an email, and that is from the Finder window, when you find the file you want to attach, even if you don’t have the iCloud email open, simply drag the file icon to the email icon in the Dock.

The system intelligently understands that it should start the mail program, create a new mail and attach the file you dragged. It would only remain for you to complete the missing fields so that you can send the email in a matter of seconds.

woman attaching files to mail from her iphone

What is the file size limit to attach to an iPhone or Mac email?

Now, you are probably wondering, can I send files of any size? Is there no problem with the number of files you share? And the truth is that no, only that, by default, the files occupy iCloud Mail storage when they are less than 25 MB.

If the total number of files you want to send in an email is greater than this measure, automatically the Mail Drop function will be activated, bringing your limit to 5 GB of cloud storage, and it’s perfectly applicable on all Apple devices.