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How to archive and unarchive or delete WhatsApp chats on iPhone?

28 de April de 2021

It is essential to know how to delete or archive WhatsApp chats on iPhoneIn this way, you can maintain order and save space.

It is very common that the more you talk to people, the more conversations will have been hosted in the online chat application. By doing a search of all WhatsApp conversations, you will be able to attest to this.

Archiving, unarchiving or simply deleting WhatsApp chats along with their multimedia files keeps the application performing well. Also, chat conversations can always be saved with a WhatsApp backup just in case.

It can happen because we are not used to deleting them, or because of the simple fact of not knowing how to do it. There are even others who prefer to keep the chat because there is valuable information in it. But the more they accumulate, the larger the list will be and, as a consequence, a problem when looking for a chat of interest.

On an iPhone, erasing or archiving may seem complicated, but it may not be as cumbersome as you might think.

Archive WhatsApp chats on iPhone

it’s possible archive a chat that you do not want to delete because it has important information, or because it belongs to a person you talk to frequently.

Whatever the reason, the method of archiving one or more WhatsApp chats on iPhone is relatively silly. Still, some people may not be familiar with the process because they are new to the Apple operating system.

But for be able to archive successfully, you only have to enter the list where all the chats are found. There the area where the conversation to be saved is located is located and, we slide it with our finger, some options will be displayed.

archived chat

You only have to choose the option that says “file”. In this way, it will disappear from the mentioned list and will be saved in a separate section. Keep in mind that this procedure is applicable in the same way for WhatsApp groups and not only with personal chats.

It is also possible to archive all chats by entering “Setting“, Then in “Chats“And finally in”Archive all chats”. This, if what you want is a complete cleaning of the conversation list, without having to delete any of the elements in it.

If you want to unarchive a chat?

Now, it is logical that, if it was archived in the first place, there will be a time when one or more WhatsApp chats on iPhone have to be unarchived. And to retrieve them, you need to find the section where the chats are held and retrieve the one that the user wants to have again.

To do this, you have to go back into the list, place your finger on the screen and slide it slightly downwards. A message will appear below the search engine that will say “Archived chats”, Followed by a number in parentheses that will indicate how much there is.

By pressing it with your finger, it will take us to another screen with the conversations that have been saved there. Later, above the chat we slide our finger to the left.

iphone messages

Consequently, a message will be displayed, in which the system will give us the option to deactivate the previously stored chat. When you touch the option, it will immediately disappear from the archived conversations section and return to the application’s chat list.

Delete WhatsApp chats on iPhone

If what you want is delete one or more conversations once and for all, the procedure is similar to having to archive them. To do it one by one, locate the chat you want to delete, slide to the left and the option to archive or delete will be displayed. We select the second which is what we want to do.

Also, you can use the button “Edit”Located in the upper left. With it you can mark as many conversations as you want.

Once this is done, the same thing happens as when sliding, it will ask us to decide whether to delete the selected ones or to archive them, and, of course, we choose “Delete chats”.

On the other hand, if you want to delete all the chats at once, the action goes to the section “Setting“, followed by “Chats” and finally “Delete all chats”.