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How to amplify, raise or increase the audio of my movie or series on Kodi – Tips and tricks

17 de April de 2021

If you are a fan of series and movies, or you just like to hang out and relax watching some movies or series that you like, surely you know how annoying it is to see one and that this not heard at an adequate volume, or not even heard. This problem is presented by many mobile devices and even televisions and computers.

The player of the Kodi multimedia app, allows us to adjust the volume intensity of whatever we are looking at in an extremely easy way so that we can end this annoying problem once and for all.

Next in this article we leave you everything you need to know about Kodi and all its tricks to amplify, raise or increase the audio of movies and series to enjoy your free time in peace without any inconvenience that may cause you discomfort.

What is Kodi?

Kodi, what it was called XBMC until 2014, it is an application which you can purchase and install for free. It has open source software and with it, you can modify your computer to operate as a multimedia center and you can view all kinds of content.

kodi menu

Its origin dates back to 2002, when the first XBOX were on the market. By having the XBOX unlocked or “rooted”, and installing the Kodi application, you could play any media file. Something that in the end, with the Kodi updates, ended up being possible on PCs as well.

Being a software Open Source Internet users can go to the central code of Kodi and modify it at will in order to, in this way, make it adapt to any of the current operating systems, be it the Android operating system, iOS operating system, Linux operating system , macOS operating system, among others.

How to install Kodi?

First you must go to the Kodi download page and click on the operating system for which you are going to download it. Once you have chosen the operating system, proceed to select the Release version or Nightly version. The release version are the ones that have been released and the Nightly are the most unstable versions that it has, however, it allows you to test new ideas that are being developed for Kodi.

Then select the version of the download. It is important to point out that each operating system has its download versions and its procedure to perform this. Once the download version has been selected, we proceed to click on the icon “get” or “install”.

configuration to increase the audio in kodi

Most of the permissions that this application requests to run it for the first time are in English. It will be very helpful to support you with someone who knows the language or, failing that, go to settings and change the interface language in the Interface Settings tab, as well as many other options that you may want to change.

How to amplify, raise or increase the audio of my movie or series on Kodi?

Many of the Kodi users have complained about his low volume defect. If traditionally increasing the volume on your television or computer, even if using the default commands to increase the volume does not solve the low volume problem presented by the series or movie you are watching, you can do the following.

Once the series or movie that you are going to watch is already on, go to the icon of the wheel that refers to settings, this is in the lower right part of the screen where the series or movie will be displayed. Select the audio settings option, the volume option it has to be at the maximum, On the right side.

So that you can select a suitable volume level for you, you can change the volume boost, here you decide how high you want to set it. To save the changes you have made, you must click on the option “select default for all content”.

A highly recommended trick to improve and increase the audio on Kodi is to activate the option of “Keep original volume when remixing to fewer channels”. In this way the player will be attached to the original format that we are executing. Something very important that many of us overlook, is that we mainly do not indicate the audio system that we are going to have and this is essential.