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How to Add Friends on my Xbox Console Easily and Quickly?

4 de March de 2022

One of the main objectives of video game consoles is to be able to allow interaction between different players and with it, generate a spirit of healthy competition, exchange of skills and honest camaraderie.

Of course, Microsoft’s top console has thought about it, Xbox allows you to add friends from the different available platforms, so that you can share hundreds of available games with them. Today, we will learn how to include them in your network with simple steps.

How to add friends on Xbox with the ‘Finding Party and Clubs’ feature?

If you’ve had some time with your console, but have only been able to experience solo play so far, even though you’ve decided to use the highest resolution on Xbox, there comes a point where you’ll feel like trade your skills with other players. But in these circumstances, what to do? When you don’t have in mind who to add, you must apply the following steps:

  • Log in with your user, you will see your avatar and username in the upper right corner, click on it to access the profile options.
  • Now you move to the “Contacts” tab.
  • To find new friends you will have two options, one is to click on “Search for a group”. If you choose this option, you must click on “Search or create publications”.
  • You will see a list of games, where other players have indicated that they are looking for companions, click on the one of your preference.
  • You will see a list with the groups, you can choose to add yourself to one of those simply by clicking on it, then on the “I’m interested” option and write a simple message to request your inclusion.
  • You could also “Create publication”, to make the request yourself and for others to be added to your team.
  • The second option is from the “Contacts” menu, in “Clubs” there you could join the game of your choice, keep up to date with news and interact with other players.

What needs to be done to add friends on your console from

When you decide to download games for xbox, you probably already have in mind, with which friend, family member, acquaintance you want to play a game, either because you form a good team with him or you consider him a good opponent. By adding it to your profile, you can know when it connects by means of a notification, and thus they could coordinate the game:

adding friends to xbox

  • With your session active and from the home page, press the Xbox button and go to the “Contacts” tab, as in the previous case.
  • Then you scroll down to the last option called “find someone”
  • In the new window you will have to enter the username, as soon as it appears among the results you select it.
  • You will see different options, in the case at hand you must select “Add friend”, confirm with the “Send” option.
  • That profile is already part of your friends, in case the counterpart wants you to also be part of theirs, you must do the same procedure.

How to add new friends from the Xbox mobile app?

As you will see so far, in any case it is essential that you have your Xbox account active, so if you have problems and cannot log in to Xbox, it is essential that you solve the problems with your account, so that you can access the game catalog and enjoy your game both alone and with other users.

yes at the moment you only have your mobile device at hand and you meet someone or someone comes to mind who would be perfect as a friend for your next games, you can add them using the Xbox app:

  • You must click on the “Search” icon.
  • Immediately, you go to “Contacts”, write the alias or Gamertag and select it.
  • To confirm, you must choose the “Add friend” option.

How to add friends on your Xbox through ‘Xbox Game Bar’?

If you access Xbox games through your Microsoft computer, you probably already have access to the Xbox Game Bar, this is an app that integrates different options to make your gaming moments easier and more enjoyable. For example, you can close games and apps on your Xbox, control music playback on Spotify, plus pin your friends list for easier communication with them.

Searching Gamertags

The first way that we present to you to enlarge your list of friends, from the Xbox app for PC, Game Bar, is as follows:

  • With the “WIN + G” keys you run the program, there you go to the “Social” section.
  • Enter the Gamertag of the user you want to add and press Enter.
  • Select the result of the profile, “Add friend” and confirm with the “Send” option.

connect with friends on xbox for pc

From recent players

Now, if you have already played a game with some users, and you are interested in adding them as friends for future opportunities, you can take advantage of the Recent Players option, in this way:

  • From the “contacts” tab, choose the “Recently played with” option.
  • You will see a list of the users with whom you have recently coincided, select the one that interests you and click on “Add friend”.

What to do to add new friends on Xbox from the Xbox app for PC?

The Xbox app interface is very complete and aims to provide its users with an improved gaming experience, with a strong emphasis on sharing. It evidences it with the streaming option, game recording, and of course, communication with friends and groups, To add new users you can do it the traditional way, from the “Contacts” menu.