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How to Add Animations to PowerPoint Slides? – PC and Mobile

12 de February de 2022

PowerPoint is a tool to edit slides of your presentations, making them more dynamic with the various elements.animation and transition effects. The results you will get will be quality presentations. This PowerPoint tool has not lost its usefulness and is still used by many.

Therefore, if you want to edit your presentations with the PowerPoint program and add animations and transitions to the slides, continue reading this article because we will talk about this interesting topic and you will be able to customize your PowerPoint templates.

What are the differences between PowerPoint transitions and animations?

PowerPoint is part of the Microsoft programs, with which you can design your presentations through slides and include text, graphics and images in them. Due to the variety of tools it has and the Ease of making presentations It is widely used and is still used today, since its functions are many.

Office workers, businessmen, students and lecturers use it in their PowerPoint presentations, because it has easy-to-use resources to adapt the default templates and edit your slides by giving it a personal look according to your tastes and preferences. An interesting aspect is that you can also add animation and transition effects to slides.

But you should know that although animations and transitions allow you to create great and eye-catching presentations, both effects differ from each other. Because transitions refer to movement that makes the slide in the presentation; and animations refers to the movement of text and images inserted in the slides. Knowing this difference and function you will be able to use the animation and transition effects that best suit your preference.

How do you add a transition to a PowerPoint slide?

As we have mentioned, the transitions will give you a visual effect when you go from one slide to the other, in the presentation. You can even make a slide show itself automatically. With this tool you can get a variety of transition effects that you can choose and customize, adjusting the speed and the other aspects of the effect.

It’s very easy to apply a transition to your slides. Still don’t know how you can use this wonderful tool of the Office program? If you pay attention, you can easily learn how to add a transition to a PowerPoint slide from your Windows computer, if you have a Mac, or even from your mobile device.

On Windows PC or Mac

Keeping the above in mind, you proceed to apply transition to your slide from your Windows or Mac PC. The steps you must take to add the transition is: Choose the slide where you want to apply the transition, Click on the Transitions option, which is the tab located on the toolbar. You tap on a transition to preview the effect.

Next, click on Effect Options so that you can select the nature and orientation of the transition effect. Click on Preview to see the result you will get and click on Apply to current slide. The transition effect will be applied to the entire selected slide. In case you want to remove the transition, click on Transitions and None.

add transition to a slide with powerpoint

From the Android or Mac mobile app

In case you have a mobile device, the instructions to add a transition on a slide are the following: You enter the PowerPoint presentation and click on the pencil icon with the letter A to Edit, then click on Start and on the Transitions tab. You must use the arrows to display the transition effect options.

They will appear grouped into categories such as Dynamic, Subtle and Bold. You can select the one you like. You click on a transition, then choose the orientation of the transition by clicking on Effect Options and voila. You will have added a transition to your slide from the PowerPoint app on your mobile.

How do I add animations to images or text on a slide?

add animations to text or object to slide with powerpoint

With the PowerPoint program you will be able to make your presentations dynamically and capture the attention of your audience. You can not only add transition effects but also, you can impress your audience by add animation effects to text and images on your slide.

Animation effects can make images or text appear or disappear with PowerPoint, or move them in one direction on the slide. If you follow these steps carefully, you will be able to animate the content of your slide. First you must choose the text or image you want to animate. Then, click on the Animations tab, select a particular one and then click on Effect Options to choose an effect.

As you can see, you can apply animations to the content of your slide, be it text, images or graphics, quickly and easily. That way your presentation will be more dynamic.

What should be done to customize the animations of an image in PowerPoint?

When editing your slides with PowerPoint tool you can not only select some animation and apply to your slide, but PowerPoint allows you to make custom templates and customize image animations. This is because the animation effect can cause the image in question to change its size or color.

On the other hand, to give that personalized touch to your image, you must manage the animations and effects in the menu customize animations. You must choose the way the animation will start. It can be by clicking, after the previous one. You can also select the duration of the animation effect, you can add more effects to an animation by selecting the image with the animation effect and clicking Add Animation.

customize animations with powerpoint

As if that were not enough, you can vary the order of the animation. To do this, you must choose an animation marker. You proceed to select the one you prefercan be move before so that the animation is displayed in sequence, or move after so that the animation effect is displayed after the sequence.