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How to Add a Photo to Your Zoom Profile and Customize It? – User Guide

25 de November de 2021

For a good video meeting platform, not only does it have to have video capabilities, but it also needs to have account customization. In the accounts things like profile photos, name of the profile owner or other kinds of things are placed. Zoom has all these things and that is why it is one of the best group video calling platforms.

It is important that in order to keep your Zoom account up to date, you take the time to personalize it. Next, we will show what things can be customized in Zoom, how to change your profile photo and also if there is a possibility to show profile picture while a call is being answered.

What can you customize within Zoom and how to do it?

Within the Zoom platform accounts, you can modify a lot of things. Some of them are things like first name, last name, phone number, personal link, address, profile picture, personal ID, etc. All of these things can be changed no matter how long you have with the account. Here’s how to change your personal Zoom link, how to change your Zoom profile picture, and how to change your personal ID.

Personal ID

The Zoom Personal ID is for when conducting video meetings. This kind of ID is like the code that identifies your account in Zoom. See how to change your personal ID in the Zoom app:

  1. Press the Zoom app on your mobile to open it
  2. Press the icon that has your profile photo included
  3. Look for the option ‘Settings’ or ‘Settings’
  4. Then, locate an option called ‘Personal ID’ and press it
  5. Finally, enter the new personal ID that your Zoom account will have and proceed to save the changes made

Whenever you want change your Zoom account ID, you will have to use the process that was explained in detail earlier. Now, see how the ID of a Zoom profile is changed from the web:

  1. Enter the Zoom website
  2. Log in
  3. Press the option ‘Profile’
  4. Find the content ‘Personal Meeting ID’
  5. Press the ‘Edit’ option that will be next to that content
  6. Then put in the new ID and save the changes

It should be noted that within Zoom you can chat while connected to a video or audio-only meeting.

Profile picture

The profile picture helps other users to identify your Zoom account and so it is also easier for other people to know who you are exactly. However, see how your profile photo is changed in Zoom from the mobile app:

  1. Find the Zoom app on your mobile phone and enter it
  2. Press the icon with your profile picture
  3. When all the options are displayed, you will press a call ‘Settings’
  4. Within settings, locate a sub option called ‘Profile photo’
  5. Click on ‘Choose profile picture’
  6. In the gallery, section the new photo
  7. Save the changes and make sure everything has been done successfully

person watching photo on camera

Whenever you want change your profile picture from a cell phone, you have to follow the above process to the letter. To change your Zoom profile picture from a computer, you must do the following:

  1. Enter the Zoom website
  2. Log in
  3. Left click where it says ‘Profile’
  4. In the profile, you will see all the details that make up it. You just locate your profile picture
  5. When locating it, click where it says ‘Change’
  6. Choose the new photo from the file explorer
  7. To finish, save each of the changes

In case you want delete your profile picture, you can select the ‘Delete’ option instead of pressing ‘Change’. In case you didn’t know, Zoom allows you to share the audio from your device during the video call.

Personal link

The personal link to your Zoom account will allow other people join the video meetings you hold in union with other people. See how this type of link is changed from the mobile application:

  1. Find the Zoom app and open it
  2. Press the icon with your profile picture
  3. Enter the ‘Settings’ section
  4. Being already in ‘Settings’, look for the option ‘Personal link’
  5. Then modify that same link
  6. Finally, save the changes

link logo

Sometimes it is not so easy to save the new personal Zoom link, but you just have to try to change it several times and that’s it. Now see how to change this link from the Zoom website:

  1. Enter the Zoom website
  2. Log in
  3. Look for the option ‘Profile’
  4. Inside the profile, locate a piece of text that says ‘Personal Link’
  5. Next to that ‘Personal Link’ heading, click where it says ‘Edit’
  6. Place the new link and save the changes

How to show a profile photo instead of the video of the current meeting?

Zoom’s profile photo is always displayed during video meetings to be done. If not, the other party would have to enter your profile to see it better. By the way, if you need to hold an important video meeting using Zoom, you can record it using your mobile phone.

Is it possible to change the profile picture during the meeting?

Yes, while you are during a video meeting profile picture can be changed that is taken into the Zoom account. But when doing this, it is important to pay attention not to modify things that relate to the meeting ID.