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How to Add a Domain to my Hosting? – Stand Out Among Other Websites

16 de February de 2022

The Internet grows with more websites every day, so it is necessary to use tricks to stand out from other pages. That’s where search engine optimization comes in, a factor that helps make your website more visible. To take advantage of it, you must organize your domains well and group them. learn how to add an additional domain to your Hosting.

Among the many positioning techniques, one of the most important is to maintain the good organization of your domain or web page. To do so, you have at your disposal the control panel provided by the Hosting service that you have contracted to host your website. Find out how to do it and add new domains to your Hosting.

What do I have to check before adding a domain in the same Hosting?

When you create a domain on the web, you need to have a space to host it. Hosting services are responsible for providing a kind of virtual hard disk where you can host your website and all its content. This will help you manage everything related to the management of your page much more comfortably, among other additional options.

One of those options is to add an additional domain to your hosting, that is, to the virtual space that you contracted to host your website. However, before you can perform this process, you must check a couple of things to ensure that the option is enabled and does not negatively affect the performance of your web page.

Verify that a plan includes being able to add more than one domain to the Host

When acquiring a Hosting service, you must check well that the plan you are contracting includes additional domains. Although all Hosting services integrate the possibility of linking several domains within the same Hosting, there are limitations based on the plan you have selected to get started.

The most basic plans do not allow you to have more than one domain on your website. Other plans enable only a certain number of addon domains with their respective subdomains. Likewise, other plans offer unlimited domains. That is why you must be very selective when choosing the best hosting for WordPress or any other server.

Is the performance of the website maintained when adding a new domain?

It should be noted that even if your plan included additional domains, the stability of the performance of your website will be subject to the quality of the Hosting. If you use a Hosting of poor quality, the performance will be lousy when adding new domains. Instead, with a reputable host, you can be confident in the stability of your website.

On the other hand, there may also be performance issues based on the content you upload to the website. Adding too heavy content without having a plan designed for that kind of multimedia content could affect the stability of the Host, especially when it is spread over multiple domains.

What is the need to add a good domain in a Host?

Due to the increasing relevance of digital media in the global landscape, it is vital that your website has everything it needs to attract traffic and stand out from other websites. To a large extent, a good domain is what will allow you excel in search engines and get many more visits to your website.

domain extensions

That is why it is convenient for you to know everything about Internet domains, so that you select the best available domain for your website. If you buy a good domain name, it will be much easier to position yourself well on the Internet. After obtaining an available name for your domain, you can add it to your Hosting.

How do I add a domain to my Hosting?

Once you have acquired a new additional domain, it is very easy to add it to your Hosting so that both are linked. you just have to access your control panelprovided by your Hosting service, from where you can modify all the properties and settings of your website.

Look for the ‘Domains’ section in the option categories and you will find ‘Additional domains’. Once there, you only have to enter the data about your new domain and fill in all the requested fields, including the access password, which will allow you to make changes to the new domain as an administrator.

add domain

It doesn’t matter which hosting service you use, all control panels have the same interface, so the process is exactly the same in all cases. Although the most advisable thing is to use the Hosting service of Hostgator or Banahosting. In less than two minutes, you will have your new domain added to your Hosting.

How long does it take until my domain is registered?

When you have recently acquired a domain, you must take into account that it will not be registered immediately. This is because DNS servers need to be updated on most internet providers. The DNS is in charge of connecting the URL with the public host where your website is hosted.

Due to the rapid expansion of the Internet, the providers make daily updates of the registered domains, so it can happen between 24 and 48 hours to make your new domain available to all users. Regardless of the hosting service you have, this DNS propagation time is the same for everyone.

Where do I see that my domain is already active?

A newly registered domain can be active in an hour for you and a few other users, but it will take longer to be available to all other users. Because the waiting time can vary slightly, you can check if your domain has already been fully registered by visiting a domain registrar such as

who is

All you have to do is enter your domain and run a search of the entire Internet that will take a few seconds to complete. Once the results are available, enter the ‘DNS Records’ sectionwhere you can see the status of the domain and confirm that it is already fully active.