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How to Activate the Microphone in TeamViewer? – Didactic Screen Transmission

9 de February de 2022

TeamViewer is software designed to give access and control to your equipment remotely. Can download TeamViewer from its official site and get all the information and updates of the application. TeamViewer is free when used for non-commercial purposes. However, you can access a free trial of its commercial version. With it you can make chats from anywhere and also send audio messages using your computer’s microphone.

How to correctly configure the sound in TeamViewer?

When we are using TeamViewer for chat, some messages may be incomplete, as they are you need to listen to an audio for full understanding. This is when sound becomes indispensable. With the following steps you can easily configure TeamViewer audio:

  1. In the main TeamViewer window select ‘Extras’.
  2. Select ‘Options’.
  3. Click ‘Remote Control’.
  4. Click on ‘Play computer sounds and music’.
  5. Make sure these actions are also done on the other computer

How to put the audio and record in the sessions with TeamViewer?

One of the advantages of TeamViewer is that for meetings the audio interface is directly enabled so you don’t have to go outside to set it up. Simply tap on the ‘settings’ option in screen sharing and click on ‘share sounds and music from computer’. In this way you can listen to the audio from both computers.

You can record your sessions by pressing the record button before starting your activity. To enjoy these functions, we can’t help but recommend that you always install TeamViewer from your PC from its main page and avoid pirated versions.

Optimize speed

In movies and science fiction, in general, we observe the pleasant fluidity with which conversations develop. This does not always correspond to reality and many times we come across unpleasant delays and uncomfortable jumps of the cursor. This can be improved by optimizing the speed. You just have to click on ‘view’ and then on ‘optimize speed’. However, these settings can detract from the colors of your charts and give them undesirable grayscale. To minimize this problem you can reduce the colors to 256 and the scales will be a bit more attractive.

optimizing the response speed of the teamviewer microphone

auto record

You can also record your sessions automatically. This is very useful if you are one of those who usually forgets to enable the recording option. To do this go to ‘extras’, select ‘options’ and then ‘remote control’. There click on ‘automatic recording’ and you won’t have to worry about your possible forgetfulness at the beginning of each session. Some of these functions may not work fully. If this happens, we recommend uninstalling TeamViewer and reinstalling it following the instructions on its website.

What are the steps to activate the microphone and listen to remote audio?

TeamViewer is an excellent tool for users who need regular meetings and need to communicate using the audio option. Because they need to activate the microphone correctly. The first step is to set up the audio in the way described above. After this you must follow these steps to verify the proper use of your microphone:

  1. Go to ‘Meetings’.
  2. On the right side of the panel go to ‘Meeting Defaults’.
  3. Check ‘Share computer music and sounds’.
  4. On the left side of the panel, check ‘Audio Conference’.
  5. Click ‘Speaker Voice Playback’.
  6. Check ‘Standard Playback Device’.
  7. Go to ‘Voice input’ and then ‘Microphone’.

How to fix problems in TeamViewer with audio and microphone?

In the case of a microphone malfunction, select ‘sound card’ and then ‘microphone’. Press ‘ok” to save the changes. Head over to TeamViewer again and restart to check if both the audio and your microphone are working properly. If after following the steps for the audio and microphone settings still having problems with some applications like VLC you can proceed like this:

  1. Type in VLC settings.
  2. Click on ‘Tools’.
  3. In ‘Preferences’ press ‘Audio’.
  4. Select ‘Output’.
  5. In the dropdown menu click to set the output module as ‘Wave out’ audio output.
  6. Select the speakers and press OK.

Entering the options

TeamViewer is one of the most popular tools for remote control of other equipment. Its easy download and easy handling makes it highly recommended. But you should not overlook that your sessions can be started by unauthorized people, so you should set a fixed password in TeamViewer to guarantee your privacy.

solution to teamviewer sound and microphone problems

But nevertheless, there are several options that can be used instead of TeamViewer. Among them we have TigerVnc which is compatible with Linux. It is also free and open source. Another alternative is Ammyy Admin. Specially designed for large companies. Noted for its easy handling to manage networks and servers remotely.