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How to Activate ‘HDR Mode’ on my Xbox Series X or S Console?

15 de February de 2022

Video games are used to entertain themselves and although many people think that video games are useless, in reality they are not, because these They help improve brain agility. Through increased usage in certain regions they help even faster decision making.

If you want to fully enjoy the games on an Xbox series S or X, you have to activate the HDR mode. Later, you will be shown the advantages of activate HDR mode on your Xbox Series, how to activate this function and how to activate this mode from the screen you use to play.

What advantages and disadvantages does HDR mode have on a video game console?

Before explaining how HDR mode is activated on your Xbox Series, it is necessary to clarify that you know what the disadvantages and advantages of this mode. In this way, you will know exactly if it is good to activate the HDR function or mode on your Xbox Series gaming console.

First, let’s talk about each of the advantages that HDR mode gives you on your Xbox series game console:

  • Gives you closer colors on the screen
  • Illuminate certain parts of the screen
  • Increase the contrast of the screen
  • Makes video games look better

Those are all the advantages of activating HDR mode within your Xbox Series console. These are the Disadvantages of activating HDR mode:

  • Intense colors sometimes affect vision
  • The high illumination of the screen affects your eyesight after a long time playing
  • If your TV doesn’t support HDR or 4K, game graphics will look bad

Those are all the downsides of turning on HDR mode on your computer. If after seeing all this, you still want to activate this mode, read on.

What is the procedure to enable HDR mode on my Xbox?

Depending on the type of Xbox Series console you have, the way HDR mode is activated will change. In view of this, we are going to show you how HDR mode is enabled on an Xbox Series S and also on an Xbox Series X.

On Xbox Series X consoles

Xbox Series X gaming consoles have certain differences from other Xbox consoles and those differences include the how to activate HDR mode:

  1. Turn on your Xbox Series X console
  2. Press the Xbox button
  3. Access the console guide
  4. Go to ‘System’
  5. Then in ‘Settings’
  6. Then, in ‘General> TV or screen options’
  7. To finish, just activate the HDR mode and calibrate all the details you see necessary

  xbox game console

In this way the HDR mode is activated on the Xbox Series X, when you finish with your Xbox console you can spend time learning how the settings are adjusted. This will allow you to enjoy more of your games within Xbox Series X.

With Xbox Series S consoles

From the Xbox Series S consoles, the way in which turn on HDR mode is a bit different than the way it is activated within the Xbox Series X:

  1. Turn on your Xbox Series S
  2. Access the profile guide
  3. Then go to ‘Profile > Settings’
  4. Then, go to ‘General> Settings for display’
  5. To finish, adjust every detail of the HDR and voila, that’s it

If at any time you want disable HDR mode, all you have to do is go through the same process as above and zero out every detail of the HDR settings. By the way, with the Xbox Series you can download games even with the computer turned off.

When you don’t have time or money to buy the disc of a certain game, you can download it from Wifi on your console. In case you have an old Xbox console, it would be good to check the price of the Xbox Series X and S consoles to buy one.

How can I apply HDR mode from my display settings?

person using remote control

Another way to use HDR mode is by accessing the settings of the screen from which you usually play with your console. See how HDR mode settings are applied to your Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV, Sony and Panasonic Smart TV.

With a Samsung brand TV

From Samsung brand TVs only a few changes have to be made. Pay attention to the following indications:

  1. Click the ‘Home’ button to go to enter the ‘Smart Hub’ section of your TV
  2. Go to ‘Settings’
  3. Then go to ‘Image > Expert Settings’
  4. To finish, just locate the HDR mode hit ‘Enter’ to activate the HDR mode

This is the way in which turn on HDR mode on a TV. If you run into trouble activating HDR mode on your Samsung TV, just visit Samsung’s support website.

From LG screens

In the case of LG brand TVs, a different process must be used than the one used to activate HDR mode in Samsung. Look what you have to do:

  1. turn on the tv
  2. Use the control to access settings
  3. Go to the ‘Screen and image’ section
  4. Then, within that section, look for the ‘HDR Configuration’ section and activate it

On Sony or Panasonic TVs

For Panasonic and Sony TVs you can use the Samsung and LG procedure to activate HDR mode.