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How to Activate Android Do Not Disturb Mode to Block Notifications?

17 de June de 2021

Today we are going to see how to activate do not disturb mode on Android to block notifications of applications, messages, calls, etc.

What do we do when we don’t want anyone to bother us? Many people choose to activate airplane mode and disconnect a bit from the world. However, the best alternative is to resort to the do not disturb mode that Android brings natively.

In this way we can disconnect for a while from our device. But it can continue to receive calls, messages, etc. Only that we will not hear notifications of anything neither by sound, nor vibrations. Even if you want it, not with him either Notification LED nor the messages on the screen.

How to enable do not disturb mode on Android

When we activate the do not disturb mode we will not receive any kind of notification, sound, vibration, etc. It is an ideal mode for when you need to have the phone on, but do not want anyone to bother you.

Possibly this reminds you of “Airplane modeWhat is the difference between the two? ¿Why is do not disturb mode better? One of the advantages that it has over airplane mode is that we can configure if we want that some people if they can “bother us” for saying in some way. This also applies to apps.

To activate the mode we must slide the notification screen (slide your finger from top to bottom) and among the quick access icons we will be able to visualize one that says “Do not disturb”. As long as you have a device with Android 6.0 or higher and depending on the customization layer.

When we activate the do not disturb mode we find three main options:

  • Total silence: In this mode absolutely nothing sounds or vibrates, notifications, alarms, messages, etc.
  • Alarms only: In this mode the only thing that works are the alarms, ideal for a peaceful night’s sleep.
  • Only with priority: In this case, the only thing that sounds are the alarms, reminders, apps and contacts that you authorize.

activate screen do not disturb

Activate do not disturb mode on Android

Another great advantage of the mode in question is that we can configure it to activate and deactivate at a certain time. This way if you go to sleep at 11 PM and you wake up at 6 AM. You can configure the mode to activate at those times and in this way, you do not have to do it manually every day.

If you decide to click on “More options“You will find the possibility of configuring so that only certain contacts can annoy you or that some notifications from different apps are heard or make the device vibrate.

Another option that we find quite interesting is that of the “Repeated calls” How does it work? Imagine that someone must contact you urgently. It is quite evident that he will call you as many times as necessary to communicate.

Setting the “Repeated calls“If said contact calls you once, it will not ring. However, if you call again within 15 minutes, the phone will ring normally.

We also have automatic rules to be able to configure the mode based on our rules. For example: that the mode is activated and deactivated without us having to do anything.

Time: set the mode to activate not only at the time you want. If not also on the days you want to use the mode in question. It can be Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 15 PM to 22 PM.

Event: depending on the events you have scheduled on the calendar. You can configure the mode to activate when you are at an event and deactivate when it ends.

Something else we can do is block visual notifications. It is one thing not to hear them or that the phone does not vibrate. But what if we don’t want to see them on our phone either? This way they will not activate the screen nor will they make the notification LED blink.