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How to Activate and Deactivate the Star Reviews Tab on Facebook

29 de June de 2021

Facebook is one of the most important social networks and it is through it that many people dedicated to the world of the Internet manage to generate reach. The opinions of your page are a good indication for your users, that is why you should know how to activate and deactivate the opinions with stars tab in Facebook.

The star system it is present in many applications and websites designed to sell products or services. If you have a page dedicated to any of these purposes on Facebook, it is convenient for you to know the star system, here you will learn how turn it on and off whenever you want.

What is the Facebook stars tab?

The Facebook platform is much more than it was in its beginnings, today it is a space through which money can be generated in many different ways. One of them is through the interesting system that allows you to manage Facebook pages from your cell phone or your PC, with which we can both monetize and offer products and services.

In relation to the proposed services or products, Facebook has a system with which the general quality of a page can be evaluated, we refer to the system of stars or opinions of Facebook.

The Facebook opinion system is precisely a system designed for users to provide a qualification 1 to 5 stars on the services provided by a Facebook page. In this way, new users will be able to evaluate the quality of the services or products provided by the page.

In any case, this system is optional and just as it is possible to remove the reviews tab from a Facebook page, the option of opinions and stars can be modified, since unfortunately it has certain disadvantages that you must take into account.

Disadvantages of Facebook’s star rating system

In the event that your platform is new or small, a negative opinion can be very counterproductive. To the point that it harms your sales or reach, in addition in many cases the opinions provided are not entirely trustworthy or true.

In any case, whether or not the opinions that others leave on the platform are true, the impact they have is undeniable. It is for this reason that it is also convenient to deactivate the opinion system of Facebook, today you will learn how to activate and deactivate it.

Even so, before starting you should consider deactivating comments on photos or Facebook images, an option that can help you solve this small problem. Without further ado, read the following guide in relation to the reviews with stars tab.

How to activate and deactivate the reviews with stars tab on Facebook

As we mentioned before, Facebook provides an interesting opinion system that can be useful in certain cases. In any case, here we will teach you how to activate and deactivate it, read this guide carefully:

In case you want to activate the opinions

  1. The first step is to enter your Facebook page, to do this, carry out the conventional process of logging into the platform. Once you have properly logged in you can begin the procedure.
  2. Go to the page in which you want to enable or disable the Facebook opinion system.
  3. Once you are on the page you must locate the section of Setting, that you will find in the upper right part of your screen, press on it.
  4. On the left side of your screen the options related to the configuration of your page will appear, you must locate yourself on the tab General. There you will find the section Edit page, click on it.
  5. The option should appear Opinions, If they don’t appear, click on Add a tab. Here you must locate the tab Feedback and press on it.
  6. In this way the opinions will appear on your Facebook page.

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In case you want to deactivate the reviews with stars

  1. Go to the same section indicated in the previous tutorial, then locate the Opinions tabs and click on Setting.
  2. There will appear several options, you must verify that Show reviews is disabled, in case you do not change it from Active to Off.
  3. In this way you will have successfully deactivated the opinions of the Facebook star system.

Bear in mind that the previous process is different from the “Likes”, for this reason if you want to deactivate and hide the likes of the pages on Facebook, we invite you to visit the previous link.