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How to Activate and Deactivate Autocorrect on your Windows 10 PC? – Orthography

1 de February de 2022

Windows 10 autocorrect is software of the most proven usefulness when writing your work and giving it the best presentation and quality. In addition to the fact that we can achieve texts free of spelling errors and with better writing, it also allows you to find all the repeated words and how to eliminate them.

What are the steps to enable or disable the spell checker on your PC?

The use of the corrector is the user’s decision. Many times the options that the autocorrect offers us result in errors that often undermine the quality of our work, so sometimes it is advisable to have it deactivated and make your own decisions. Windows 10 offers us several ways to activate or deactivate it

From your control panel

From the control panel we can make a diagnosis of the operation of the auto corrector. For this we must access the “programs” option. A window will be displayed with the “programs and features” options. We locate the Microsoft Office program and there we can see the change option and a menu that includes repair.

Directly from your launch bar

The most commonly used mode for turn autocorrect on or off is by accessing the start bar located in the lower left corner of your desktop. These simple steps will guide you quickly:

  • Go to the start menu and press settings
  • Click on the “write” option
  • In the “spelling” section you will find two options: Automatically correct misspelled words and highlight misspelled words. You can turn them on or off at your discretion.

delivering documents with perfect spelling

When deactivating the first option, you must decide, according to your criteria, the correct way of writing the words. With the second option you can enable or remove the red underline from spell check in Word.

How do you know if your spell checker works on your misspelled words?

You can check if the spell checker works with misspelled words with a simple experiment. Try a word that you are sure of the spelling. For example, type “cansion”. If the corrector is working the word will be underlined in red. This will tell you that there is a possible error.

Place the pointer on the word and right click the mouse and a window with different options will appear. Select the one you think is correct and it will be changed immediately. on other occasions the correction is done automatically, in cases where the word is missing a tilde. You can do the experiment with the same word “song” and you will see that it will be corrected automatically

You can also use the option to write letters with accent marks in Word. This will make it easier especially when you are writing in English for example and you need to write words in Spanish that have an accent mark and avoid the cumbersome change of default language.

One way is the option to add symbols and search for the accented letter. You can also use keyboard shortcuts by memorizing the combinations for each type of accent or special symbol. For example, the “á” with tilde corresponds to simultaneously pressing ctrl + the apostrophe key and then the letter “a”.

How do you activate autocorrect for your Word documents in Windows 10?

One of ways to turn autocorrect on or off you can get it when you are using the Word program. For this you must follow the following steps:

  • In the Word toolbar click on the “review” option
  • Select “language”
  • Click on “set correction language”
  • Select the option “do not check spelling or grammar”
  • The red underline option will remain activated.

activate and deactivate the autocorrect as needed

Why can’t you turn the spell checker on or off in your Windows 10?

It may happen that the faults are due to not have a legal copy of Word, it is recommended to download Word from its official site, and prevent piracy the problem can also be searched for in the check option. Go to language preference and there select review. Make sure the options are checked. “check spelling as you type”.

To find out the reason why you can activate or deactivate the spell checker you must go from the simplest. First check in the configuration, in the writing option if the corrector is activated or not. The other reason and its solution may be in the spell check option in some document you are working on and check if the “don’t check spelling” box is checked. Default language options may also be disabled.