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How to Access the Description of the Videos on YouTube From PC or Mobile?

15 de December de 2021

The YouTube platform uses certain descriptions to better understand the content or those related to it, and in fact, it is what YouTube recommends to all content creators. In addition to being one of the largest search engines in the world, some video descriptions help viewers find other videos you use more easily through the links or links, but how can you access the description of the videos? In this article we will show you how to do it both from your PC or mobile and even from the TV

What is the information contained in the ‘Description’ section on YouTube?

As the main thing, it is important to access the official website of the YouTube platform and start enjoying different content. Now, knowing that the text located below each of the videos is their description, which will serve to inform the public about other content related to what you observe, and in that interesting text you can click to find links that can take you directly to other information or help pages, in links to open other videos and hashtags that are like labels in relation to the content you see.

What procedure should you follow to view the description of a YouTube video on PC?

Finding the description of the videos from your PC is very easy to do and in the vast majority of these videos you will be able to find more videos or links that take you to information or help pages related to the content you are watching and are located at the bottom of each video. If you find a little information or a small paragraph below a video, click on “show more” or “teach more” to be able to expand the tab of that paragraph a little more and find the full description of the video.

How can you see the video descriptions of your Android or iPhone cell phone?

Being able to find the description from your cell phone only consists of focusing below the video next to where the title is located, there you can see a small inverted triangle that you will press and use to open a small tab where the complete description of the video will be. To have all the features of the platform, you can choose to update YouTube to the latest version on your Android or iPhone cell phone.

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What are the steps to view YouTube video description on TV?

Playing YouTube videos from your PC / smartphone and watching them on Smart TV and being able to find the description is very similar when doing it from your PC, since you have to focus under each video, where the title is located, to be able to find below a small paragraph from him, click on “Show more” to be able to expand a little more the tab of that paragraph and thus you will be able to fully observe the description of the video.

Why is YouTube not allowing you to see the descriptions and how to fix it?

The way to find the description of the videos from your cell phone, PC or TV is usually somewhat similar, only that they are positioned in different places, but this happens more than anything on cell phones where sometimes you cannot find the complete description of the content you watch. Because when you click on the title of the video or to the side where there is an inverted triangle, you may notice that the information you are looking for simply does not appear.

This is because the mobile version, the descriptions are not usually relevant data for YouTube videos, as in the case of finding them more easily on PC or TV. But nevertheless, in each comment pinned of the videos you can find links or links that could be of help to you.