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How much money can you earn at Glovo? How much does a Glovo dealer earn?

14 de April de 2021

Delivery purchases have become very popular in all countries, and now, in times of quarantine, it is normal for all companies to have his delivery men to be in charge of finding and delivering the orders.

There are many companies that are dedicated to this and have their own delivery system and distributors, among which deliveroo, UberEats and especially Glovo stand out and, the best of the matter is that anyone who has time and a method of transport can work as a rider to earn extra income.

Among the companies mentioned, Glovo has recently stood out, as it offers a good quality of service and is also always in search of new riders to expand your horizons.

However, when considering the possibility of becoming a rider, the first question that usually arises is How much money could you earn?In the following text we will explain how much a Glovo dealer earns and if it is really profitable to be a rider.

What are glovers and how do they work?

The glover is how the riders or distributors who offer their services to Glovo are known. These employees are self-employed under a collaboration contract, so they are not linked as permanent employees of the company.

They must have their own means of transport, the most common being a bicycle, but motorcycles or cars can also be used. It is important to mention that Glovo obliges its riders to take out private insurance that must be borne by each dealer.

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Similarly, Glovo discounts to payment of each of the riders social security contributions, that must be paid by each of them. Finally, before joining Glovo as a freelance delivery person, you must make a payment of 65 euros for Glovo’s characteristic backpack.

How to take orders at Glovo?

Once you enter Glovo as a rider, you must download the app with which all the distributors are organized, so it is essential to have a smartphone.

Each glover will set their own hours of work from the application and after that you can take orders according to the area where it is located. After completing each delivery, customers will be able to assess the service offered by the delivery person and the better qualifications the rider has, the more orders they can take.

It should be noted that the more hours the rider works and the more orders he takes, the more income he will generate, so for it to be really worth it, you must work an average of 40 hours a week.

How much does a dealer earn at Glovo?

At Glovo you earn money for each order placed and the company guarantees that for each one you place, you will get an income of between 4 and 6 euros, but there are added values ​​for working under adverse situations, such as if it is raining.

However, it is key to take into account that the income will vary and will depend on other factors such as kilometers traveled, additional fee for long distances and waiting times, since Glovo pays its riders 0.05 euros for each minute they have to wait in an establishment.

Glovo delivery man

Furthermore, Glovo guarantees a minimum profit for all riders, especially new ones, who do not receive orders during business hours, as it is often difficult to ship at the beginning.

You also have to know that from the total generated there are certain deductions such as self-employment expenses, maintenance of your vehicle and fuel, in case of using a motorcycle or a car.

The average income that can be worked per hour is 10 euros and the glovers receive their payments every 15 days. Under normal and fluid working conditions, a glover that works an average of 5 hours a day can generate income in excess of 1000 euros, not including the deductions mentioned above.

How many hours can you work at Glovo?

The best thing that Glovo offers is that the working hours are established by the rider, being able to adjust hourly blocks that allow you to carry out other activities. This is usually very beneficial for students who want to earn extra income or for people with free time.