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How much does Mercado Libre charge to sell? What percentage do you charge per sale?

25 de July de 2021

Mercado Libre is the trading platform most used in Latin America. Its thousands of products and their category have made it one of the most complete web pages when looking for certain items or services.

It also has a very innovative payment system that takes care of protect your money until you have satisfactorily received your Mercado Libre purchase in order to reduce as much as possible the attacks of scams or deception of the sale through the internet.

How to sell on Mercado Libre?

Mercado Libre is a page created solely for the purchase and sale of services and items. Here you can display photos of your services and products, such as a digital catalog, and you will try to get other people interested in said product through a review that you will write in the product description.

In this you must describe your product in detail, You can not forget to place important information such as the brand, specify if it is new or used, and other technical characteristics that it has. Try as much as possible that the photos you choose for your publication are of good quality and are taken from different angles.

As for the price, it is very useful that look for references of this, in publications similar to yours on the Mercado Libre page. In this way you are governed by the price of the competition and you can offer better offers or match theirs.

When selling, you can agree with the buyer the payment method you want to use, if it is Mercado Pago, through payments with credit or debit cards, money transfers by PayPal, Skrill or another method. The best thing is that when the buyer makes the payment, make sure the method you used is authentic and the money is already withheld or at your disposal.

When delivering the product make sure that the delivery is made in a public place during the day, or next to a station of a security body for greater peace of mind. In case of being a distance purchase, and you have to make use of the parcel companies, make sure that the information is correct and in case it is not free shipping, remind the buyer.

How much does Mercado Libre charge to sell?

The Mercado Libre platform allows you to carry out paid and free publications. For free publications, it is necessary that they meet a series of requirements or conditions requested by Mercado Libre.

If you already have a registered user account and are going to make a sale for the first time in Mercado Libre, this publication is totally free. This page offers users the opportunity to publish your first products for free.

If is one used product the publication of this is totally free. This platform also offers an advertising service, so to speak, and you can pay for your publication to appear among the first on the page when a user performs a search on that article or service. If this is the case, Mercado Libre will charge you only if you manage to make the sale.

Basically the Mercado Libre policy does not charge you for publication, but if it charges you because your publication is ahead of the others, since this makes it easier for users to view your product, which increases the chances of selling.

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What percentage do you charge per sale?

Mercado Libre has a minimum value that the products must have to be published on the page even if they do not charge you commission for anything.

The difference between free, classic and premium accounts is that the classic and premium have better exposure of your publications in the lists, that is, they appear before many other publications and the duration of the publications on the page is unlimited.

Mercado Libre has different collection prices for sales, depending on the value of the published product and the type of account you have. In the classic beads Mercado Libre obtains 9% of each sale, while in the premium accounts you get 11% of every sale. These percentages are subject to change.

In the free accounts All the sales made are free, however in this type of account the publications have a duration limit of 60 days and are generally located at the bottom of the lists.