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How much does Glovo charge restaurants? How to put my restaurant in Glovo

29 de April de 2021

If you have a restaurant with a high number of customers and you want to opt for the alternative of “delivery” through Glovo, we recommend you read this article with which you will learn How much does Glovo charge restaurants? How to put my restaurant in Glovo

Glovo and companies

The link between Glovo and the companies is established through a strict evaluation process. If the company is suitable, then it is possible to communicate the corresponding area for this purpose with Glovo to receive detailed information. Numerous fast food companies are on Glovo’s list. For this reason, customers can order MacDonalds, Burger King or KFC from Glovo without any hassle.

What are the benefits of putting my restaurant on Glovo?

Among the benefits that a company by partnering with Glovo They include the omission of installation costs, increased income, the option to reach many more customers, and the insurance of the merchandise (up to 2000 euros).

Likewise, the company can know even more the needs of the users and what they prefer thanks to the market research. This strategy is produced through the platform and helps businesses to offer the most popular products according to demand.

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What are the disadvantages of selling through the Glovo platform?

One of the downsides of sell through Glovo It is the lack of control. Although your company may be listed as an “associate”, it does not have any control of the information published by the Glovo platform.

Another negative is the commission collection that can affect your profitability. Likewise, the bad publicity that the platform registers when an order is not completed successfully is added, affecting the reputation of your business.

How much does Glovo charge restaurants? How to put my restaurant in Glovo

The Glovo company allows you to create a association with restaurants at the time of formalizing the relationship and offering its content on its platform. Next, we explain how much Glovo charges restaurants and the steps you must follow to put your restaurant in Glovo.

How much Glovo charges restaurants

It is important to mention that the Glovo company charges a commission of up to 43% not including VAT. Exactly, Glovo must get a 35% commission adding a fixed fee of 50 euros per week. Without counting the value-added tax, you keep almost half of what your restaurant is billed for so that the delivery men send the food to your home.

Each restaurant must pay a fixed fee of up to 100 euros. However, the exact value of the fixed fee will depend on the contract and the negotiation that will take place with your company.

How is the commission distributed?

According to Glovo, with the commission charged to the company, the payment of the digitization of the business is made without a prior investment, the positioning in the App and the salary is provided to the distributors or “Glovers”.

It is important to note that offers, discounts and promotions are at the expense of your restaurant. Your good or bad positioning will depend on these elements. App of the company. Therefore, it is essential to know what the Glovo App is and learn how to use it to obtain the greatest benefits.

Glovo Restaurants

How to put my restaurant in Glovo?

If you are interested in how put your restaurant in Glovo, you need to follow the following steps:

Contact the Glovo company

If you want to be a Glovo partner, you have two options: go to Glovo’s offices or register on the business.glovoapp website. In this way, a possible negotiation and connection with the platform can be carried out.

Wait for Glovo to carry out the evaluation

Once you manage to contact the company or register through the App, Glovo performs a evaluation process and in case of approval, they will request a series of additional data.

Provide information about your company

Once you manage to put your restaurant on Glovo, you will be asked for the content to be offered through the application. For this step, a minimum purchase is not required and all payments will depend on the commission and the fixed fee stipulated by the delivery company.