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How Mercado Libre pays me How is it charged? – Free Market Payments

24 de April de 2021

Next we will show you how the Mercado Pago mobile wallet and everything related to this to use it as a means of payment for your sales and you can withdraw the money without any problem.

How does Mercado Libre pay me?

The Mercado Pago option is automatically included at the time of register an account and publish a product or service in Mercado Libre. When any amount of money from the acquisition of a purchase is paid, it will immediately fall into your mobile wallet but it will not be available until it meets a time stipulated in the Mercado Libre policy.

If you have a good reputation as a seller, if you receive a payment from a Mercado Libre buyer, it will not be available until 5 days after the product has been delivered, as long as the buyer does not generate any claim by contacting or calling Mercado Libre.

On the other hand, if you have low or no reputation as a seller, this money credited to your Mercado Pago wallet will not be available until a period of 9 days after the seller has purchased your product and do not file any complaint or claim.

To withdraw the money you can access the Mercado Pago application, select the withdrawal option and follow the steps. This can be withdrawn through bank transfers or you can withdraw it in cash through a Rapi Pago, Efecty or other associated agency.

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What is Mercado Pago?

Mercado Pago is one of Mercado Libre’s payment methods which can be used by a buyer when making a purchase. Buyers can use this payment method by making payments with credit cards or bank transfers.

It is considered the payment method more secure on this platform of sale, it can even function as a virtual wallet with which you will be allowed to do other types of procedures such as payment in any store that accepts payment market, or carry out more purchasing activities within the Mercado Libre platform.

Mercado Libre buyers are allowed to make credit purchases within the platform, which they can pay in installments stipulated by it.

That the seller makes use of the Mercado Pago system provides a series of benefits both to him and to his buyers. For example, buyers can enjoy certain promotions and discounts with the use of specific credit cards.

In the case of being a company, or having partners, you can add them to the Mercado Pago account so that in this way they all handle the same information and there is more control within the administration of your business.

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How do you charge through Mercado Pago?

The main thing is to choose an available payment method offered by the Mercado Pago platform. After this you can start using this method for customers to deposit their money by scanning the QR code and going directly to your Mercado Pago account. in this way the buyer will have more options to make the corresponding payment to purchase.

After the buyer has already made the payment to your Mercado Pago wallet, this money will go directly to your Mercado Pago accountHowever, its availability depends on which payment procedure the customer has chosen.

Payment Market charges a commission depending on the payment method the customer usesEither payments with credit cards, payments through bank transfers, among others. And depending on the platform on which it is used, since Mercado Libre is not the only one that can use this tool as a means of payment.

Mercado Pago offers a secure purchase system that consists of the money coverage for a period of 28 days in case the product does not reach the buyer and a 30-day guarantee from receipt of the product in case it is not what was expected or contains a fault.

If you have drawbacks with the purchaseMercado Libre will inform the seller and provide him with all the necessary information so that he is in charge of solving the problem and covers the buyer if this problem is not solved.