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How many levels are there in Mercado Libre? Complete guide to the points market

28 de April de 2021

Millions of people worldwide make their shopping online and there is a fairly large online market.

These offer their users a wide variety of services and guarantees, so that they feel secure when making purchases. In these virtual markets, the vast majority with physical offices in different countries, you can get new and used products.

One of these online buying and selling sites, where you can make your purchases in Latin America is Mercado Libre. This Argentine company with a presence in Latin America for quite some time, allows you to buy and sell different products. You can find new and used products of different brands, models and prices, they also offer the possibility of publishing your products.

The free market stands as an intermediary between the buyer and the sellerIn fact, it even offers classifications for both, these classifications in the case of the seller are granted according to the number of sales made through the platform.

free market shopping around the world

This is just one of the many incentives for vendors and service providers who use free market. Millions of sellers know that one of the best ways to sell their products is by using this sales platform. If you have a company or simply want to sell something that you no longer use, go ahead and use Mercado Libre.

What you should take into account when offering a product or service is the buyer satisfaction, buyers are instructed to give their opinion on the seller or service provider they paid for.

So the better your buyer’s experience, the better the rating, which will affect future sales. In the case of buyers, their ratings are based on the frequency with which they make their purchases, with which they proceed to rate each of the sellers.

In addition, from the moment you make your purchase, the years of loyalty in the free market are taken into account. In fact the company Mercado Libre has implemented a system to motivate buyers of this online platform. If you are one of the many buyers who use the free market, join us to learn more about the point market.

What is the Points Market?

The Mercado Points is the mechanism that uses the free market platform to attract more buyers, through which it offers prizes and benefits such as free shipping for the points they can accumulate with their purchases.

When you make a purchase in Mercado Libre, you automatically enter the points market program, where you will accumulate points for each purchase. Of course, to score points, certain criteria are taken into account, such as buying new products and highly qualified buyers.

But besides add points for buying It is also possible to do it by overcoming some challenges, proposed to the buyers. Among these we can mention: add a product as a favorite, pay with a credit card, buy in an official store.

Free market buyers and sellers are also offered the opportunity to monitor their operations for greater guarantees. The buyer is awarded 20 points from the beginning of the program, as they add points they will increase their level.

Levels of ‘Market Points’ and their benefits

Have been assigned a total of 6 levels to classify the different buyers, based on their level of participation. Tiers 1 and 2 will get free shipping or discounts on thousands of products and protected purchases for 30 days.

free market accumulate points for your sales

Those of level 3 in addition to the benefits of levels 1 and 2 They will also get exclusive discounts, which includes up to 20% discounts on shipments of products requested by this platform.

For those of level 4 shipping discounts will be 30%, plus the benefits of the previous levels. The benefits for level 5 will be 40% and for level 6 will be 50%, all users of this shopping platform will be able to increase their level as they purchase products.

When you get the amount of points required for a given benefit the buyer can decide to make the exchange at any time.