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How long does Mercado Libre take to credit a payment or release money?

28 de July de 2021

Mercado Libre offers a comfortable buying and selling system, in general, here we can find products at a lower price, since they can be second-hand, when selling a product we can ask ourselves about the payment, When will the money arrive?, this is no secret and it is something simple.

When creating our account, we will have access to the inbox, here we will have various options and among these is to publish a product or service, there you will have information about sales and terms and Conditions, but if you still have doubts, here we will delve into the subject, in order to clarify any doubts you may have.

How long does it take for a payment through Mercado Pago to arrive?

Paid market It is one of the payment methods par excellence of Mercado Libre, it provides security and confidence when making a sale, it is responsible for retaining the money avoiding fraud, you can use it not only as insurance, but even implement it if you have a deal.

When you are trying to sell or buy an item on the platform, you have to consider using Mercadopago In the first place, since it usually happens that many people use direct bank payments and the money never arrives, because they make false receipts or invoices.

To prevent this from happening to you, use this service, its operation is as follows, once the client decides to buy the product, transfer the money by this means, the platform is in charge of making the payment and verifying that everything is working properlyOnce the money is there, you will be notified.

You must proceed to make the shipment or delivery of the product, and the money will be delivered only when the two parties approve the sale, your client You must confirm that you received the product safe and sound.

Factors influencing collection delay

When a payment is made, the money is momentarily frozen, this can last for about two days and maximum about 28 daysThis depends on several factors, but the main thing is your sales history, if you are a novice seller, it is recommended that you use Mercado Libre’s shipping service.

Since this is a decisive factor in terms of late payment, if you use this service, once the payment is made, you will owewait between 2 and 6 days, once your client has certified that the product arrived as it was exposed in the publication.

In case he does not confirm it, you would have to wait for support to take charge of the case and study the situation, if you have reputation, the money will be given to you, it should be noted that these kinds of inconveniences are not good for your reputation and it is best to avoid them.

Once you get the money in your Payment MarketYou can already use this on the same platform or if you want you can transfer it to your bank account, which is a simple and fast process.

How does the reputation system work in Mercado Libre?

Your reputation is vital in Free market, since this is what most inspires confidence in people, being the sellers with the best scores; For those who sell the most, reputation is represented by a bar, which goes from red (the lowest) to green (the highest).

free market money when crediting a payment

One of the factors included in this is the completed purchasesWhen you offer an item, you sell it and you even receive a good score, this will make the bar rise from one point to one point; If you receive a more neutral score, the bar will remain static.

If you are a constant seller, in a range of 6 months, you will go up as a seller; since those who do not sell many products remain as new sellers. And they don’t have much rating, use the regular channels; as payment market or shipping market, to make sales is also recommended.

The calculations are made a Once a monthAt the end of it, here the total sales will be added, how they ended, as a data, you can tell customers that if they liked your service, give you a good rating, all this adds up.