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How I Send the Link of a Web Page by WhatsApp – From YouTube or Another Site

19 de January de 2022

The internet searches They have become one of the most used questions by all of us in these times. This is because most of the doubts we have about a certain topic can be found in this extensive network of information.

But there are also a few things that we can do without any problem and that is copy and share web address of a page. That is why we are going to be teaching you how you can do it regardless of whether you try it from your phone or your computer.

What are the factors that distinguish the URL of a website?

One of the characteristics that URLs have of a website is that they have a structure, which is what it has to follow so that the link is valid for searches carried out from the respective search engines.

The beginning of each URL will always have the acronym ‘https:‘. This is the kind of protection that the page and the link will have so that no one can edit it. But it will also protect your equipment, be it a computer or a phone so that no important data is stolen from your equipment while the search is being carried out.

After these acronyms will come the name of the page or better known as Host, this name would be like this ( This is the root page where the other sections are found that are surely the ones that interest us on this site.

After the URL will come the sub-address which is a section within the root page. this subaddress it will direct you to a site directly if you received the link by mail or text message or a search from the web browser of your computer or phone.

Finally, in the web address or URL will be the file type which will be the page. 90 percent of the pages work with this termination, since it is the safest and at the same time the most used by everyone.

Where do I get the link of a YouTube video?

One of the most common things we all do when watching a good video on YouTube is share it with someone close to us. But as you know, there are two ways to obtain the link of a video from the YouTube platform, so we will tell you what these are. two ways to do it.

The first is very easy and is from the writing bar at the top of the screen. To have the exact link of the video you have to search for it and play it, after doing this you will press the writing bar. If you are on a phone you will see a leaf icon. If you are on a computer, clicking on the writing bar will highlight the writing of the link in blue and then you can copy it.

person using youtube on their mobile

Another way you can get a link to a YouTube video is the ‘Share’ button. By pressing this option you will be able to watch the direct link of the video and there will be a ‘Copy’ button. When you press it, the link will be copied to the clipboard of the PC or cell phone.

Where does the link of a web page come from?

The link of the web pages cannot be located in a site that is difficult to access, since this address has to be in plain sight so that you can quickly go to another search or so you can get the link quickly in case you want to share it.

This address is in the search bar at the top of the screen, whether you’re on a phone or a computer. Therefore, you will see just by entering the web browser of any of these teams.

How to share a link by WhatsApp from Google Chrome on mobile?

Now that you know a little about the web addresses of the pages, it is time to know how can you share the link from any page from the Chrome browser that you have on your phone and as you already know, you will always have two ways to do this.

chrome logo

The main way to do this is by clicking the share icon. To see this icon you have to go to the page you want to send by WhatsApp. then you go to press the address that is written at the top of the screen. Here you will see the icon that looks like a triangle. When you press it you will see the option to share with WhatsApp, then you will only have to choose the contact that will receive it and then you will press send.

The other way to do it is copying the link from the page what do you want to send. In the same way as in the previous method, you will have to go to the page you want to send, touch the search bar and then you will click on copy.

then you go to enter the WhatsApp application, you will open the chat to which you will send the address and paste the link in the writing bar. Then you are only going to press the green send button and the other person will receive the link to that page.