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How does Zelle work to send and receive money from mobile?

26 de April de 2022

Zelle is a mobile payment application that allows you to send and receive money between people, through P2P transfers. It is a fast and secure way to transact in dollars, since you will only have to use your email address or your mobile number. Also, you need to understand how to use the app correctly.

How does the Zelle app work?

Zelle allows you to send money through P2P transfer, among the list of more than 30 banks that are associated with the platform. The app creates a direct connection to your checking or savings account to execute transactions via email address or US mobile number.

It is important that you take into account the amount limits on your transfers, which depend on the bank to which you are affiliated, since each bank has a limit on the amount that you can transfer daily or monthly. Which can range from 1,000 to 5,000 dollars each day.

Steps to sign up for Zelle successfully

  1. Download the Zelle app from an Android or iOS mobile device.
  2. Open the Zelle app.
  3. Press the “Get Started” buttonand you can get started with online registration.
  4. To register, you must enter your mobile phone number and your email and press the “Continue” button.
  5. A list of packages that are available in the app will then be displayed, and select the bank with which you have an affiliation.
  6. Enter your bank account details.
  7. Enter your billing address and click continue.
  8. Confirm your US email or phone number.
  9. Once you complete the registration process in the application, you will be able to start making tractions, which will be reflected in your payment history.

What requirements do I need to meet in order to use Zelle?

To use this application, it is necessary that you have a bank account of some of the banking entities associated with Zelle. When you register you need to enter the number of your debit card or Mastercard, affiliated with a US account. In addition, you need to have an email, or a mobile phone number in the US.

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How to send money through Zelle?

  1. Open the Zelle app.
  2. Sign in with your account.
  3. Select “Send payment”.
  4. If you access your bank from the app, you must press the “Send money with Zelle” option, which is found in “Transfers”.
  5. Choose the name of the recipient or add a new one, to do so go to the top and select the icon with the + symbol, and enter the recipient’s information.
  6. Enter the amount you want to send and choose the account from which the funds will come, and then press continue.
  7. Review the details of the transaction before submitting it.
  8. Once you click on “Send payment”, and automatically, a code will be sent to your phone to verify your identity.
  9. After submitting the payment, a window will be displayed where you need to confirm the details of the transaction.
  10. When the money has been sent, the recipient will receive a notification with the payment informationvia text message or email.
  11. You will also be able to check the details of the transaction, in the Zelle payment history.

How can I receive money with my Zelle account?

To receive money in your account, you must register on the Zelle platform, once you complete registration you will have to provide mobile number or email address that you used to register, to the person who will send you the money.

Furthermore, it is necessary that both the sender and receiver of the transaction are registered with Zelleeither through online banking at one of Zelle’s affiliated banks or from the app.

When someone sends money to your account, they will be notified by email or text message to the phone number linked to Zelle. Once the payment is sent, automatically is deposited into the linked bank account.