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How does Telegram work, use and configure it on Android or Iphone? – Step by Step

3 de July de 2021

Today, the most used instant messaging app is WhatsApp. Although there are many other similar ones, the one that poses the most competition is Telegram. In fact, many are of the opinion that it is better than this one and that it will soon take away the first place. If you want to know more about this app, in this article we will tell you how Telegram works, is used and configured on Android or iPhone step by step.

How Telegram works, is used and configured on Android or iPhone – It all starts with a download

To get started, download the app from your mobile app store. It is available in both the Play Store and the App Store. After that, configuring the application is child’s play. Now we will explain what to do.

  1. Open the app for the first time.
  2. Select the “Start chatting” button.
  3. Fill in all the fields that are requested with your basic information, such as country and telephone number. This is used to create your profile, much like when you create an account on WhatsApp.
  4. Press “Next”. You will receive, in about 15 to 45 seconds, a 5-digit code from Telegram.
  5. Write in the space where it says “Code” the one you just received. Click on “Next”. It will open a small window that has the name “Telegram wants to send you notifications”, click “Ok”.
  6. Go to “Settings” and create your “Alias”, so you do not have to share your phone number, this is for security, although you can leave your number if you do not consider this step important. Select “Done.”
  7. Go to “Chat” click and when you open that section, select the pencil located in the upper right to search for people to chat with. Grant the app the required permissions to search your contacts for acquaintances who also have Telegram.

And that’s how easy it is to install and configure Telegram. What remains is to place your profile image, your “status” (a small description of yourself) and voila. This process is practically the same as in WhatsApp. We recommend that you use the app every day, because the more you do it, the more familiar you will become.

However, there are more differences than similarities between this service and its main competition. Here are some of them so you can get the most out of Telegram.

Get the most out of Telegram

This app of Russian origin is not only used to chat with your friends. You have at your disposal a powerful communication tool that shows off its practicality and functionality. See what you can do with Telegram.

Person using Telegram on iPhone

  • Download Telegram for your PC. Unlike WhatsApp, your mobile does not have to be connected to the Internet to use the desktop version.
  • Create groups of friends with a maximum of 5,000 members.
  • If you are a company or public interest figure, target your audience effectively by creating a channel unlimited membership where you can share all kinds of information.
  • With Telegram you can send files up to 1.5 GB.
  • Use the Telegram cloud to store your files for free.
  • The files you send are not reduced in quality. This is ideal if you want to send HD videos.
  • Add a password to your chats so that no one can access them. Do it this way: go to Menu / Settings / Privacy and security / Access code. Set the password.
  • Telegram integrate games into chat to be able to play with your friends. Write @GameBot and choose one of the games. Share it with your friends.
  • And much more

These were some of the features and functions of this application. If you want to know more, here we show you the best secret Telegram tricks. Take advantage of all the functions that Telegram offers you. Now that you know how Telegram works, is used and configured on Android and iPhone, what follows is that you start using it and get the most out of it.