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How do I Share my PowerPoint Slides in Zoom? – Android and iPhone

30 de December de 2021

Through the Zoom platform you can share your screen so that the people you are talking to can see what you are doing on your mobile during a video call; you can show the applications on your mobile and work on them liveYou can also share your PowerPoint slides so that they can see them as if that person were in front of your mobile.

What steps should you take to share your PowerPoint presentation on Zoom?

The Zoom application makes it possible for you to share your PowerPoint presentations in the middle of a Zoom call or meeting, but if you want to do this you must have the most up-to-date version of the application on your mobile; also, have an ‘Android 5.0.0’ or higher mobile, or an ‘iOS 5.0.0’ or higher mobile.

In addition to this, you must have the PowerPoint application; likewise, you must have the most current version of it to avoid inconveniences in the process.

Using your application in Zoom from Android

To share your screen and show your PowerPoint presentation from Android, you must access the application, you must have started a Zoom meeting or have joined one that is in progress.

Once you are in the meeting, you must go to the bottom central part of the screen and press the ‘Share’ option; A list of options for sharing will be displayed, among them is the option to share document, is this the one that will make your goal possible.

Once you have selected the ‘Document’ option, you will enter a new tab that will show you the folders where you can search for your PowerPoint presentation, normally these types of files They are located in the ‘Documents’ folder, once you find your PowerPoint presentation, you must click on it and then select the option ‘Share screen’.

After choosing the option to share screen, you will be able to return to your meeting and this time it will include your PowerPoint presentation on the screen; the person you are talking to or the members of the current meeting they will be able to see the document on screen.

From your iPhone mobile device

You can share your screen from your iPhone mobile and add your PowerPoint presentation to the meeting; To do this, you must be in a Zoom meeting that you have started or one that you have joined, you must select the ‘Share’ option and then select ‘Screen’.

share screen zoom

You must click on the option ‘Start transmission’; from that, the content of your screen can be seen by the person you are talking to or by the members of the meeting as if it were their own mobile running the applications you run from yours.

Once you are sharing your screen, you can go to your PowerPoint presentation and control it so that others can see it through their screens, remember that the movements you make from the screen of your mobile can be seen by others.

How can you put your PowerPoint presentation in a moderator view?

Presenter view in PowerPoint allows you to see the next slide, the current one and the speaker notes, see the details of the presentation and make some changes.

You must access your PowerPoint application and be inside your presentation, select the option ‘Presenter View’ and then select ‘From the beginning’. This also allows you to make a good explanation of your slides, you can even make some improvements.

How to activate the sound when you share a screen in your Zoom App?

If you want the sound of your computer to be heard during the shared screen in a Zoom meeting; you must be in a Zoom meeting initiated by you or one you have joined.

Press the option ‘Share screen’, this option is in the toolbar inside the meeting; You must select the application or screen that you want to share and select the option ‘Share sound’ found in the lower left corner of the selection window of shared resources.

You can also share the sound of your device after you have started screen sharing, you must press the ‘More’ option in the toolbar and select the ‘Share sound’ option.

zoom toolbar

Why can’t you effectively screen share in Zoom?

If you can’t share your screen during a Zoom meeting effectively; it is likely that you may be presenting a problem due to a lack of update in your Zoom application, you must update the Zoom application to avoid this and other problems. It is recommended to ensure that you have the most current version of the application before starting a meeting in Zoom.

The internet signal can also affect a lot, this platform requires a stable signal to perform its functions effectively, otherwise, there may be certain errors when sharing the screen.

Be close to the connection access point Maybe it can fix the problem of the internet signal, also prevent many devices from being connected to the same network and causing interference. You can also connect to your access point wired to avoid interference from other devices and boost the connection signal.

near the access point

You can also try to fix this issue by close apps you’re not using Because, this can make your computer slow or heavy, it can interrupt the normal processes of the applications that you are using, in this case the Zoom platform.